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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, September 14, 2015

What a Busy Week!‏

It was a crazy week this week! On Thursday we had our 5 Week Training meeting at the mission home. So we got to see everyone from the MTC again. It was a good time swapping stories and laughs. Elder Webb and Elder Snyder are in the same district in Caloocan zone. Which is a no sister missionary zone because it's really dangerous and it floods sewer water everyday. Elder Webb got robbed.. Someone broke in and stole 9 thousand pesos, their cameras, shoes, and Elder Webb's electric toothbrush.. I got a kick out of that.. hahahaha. We swapped each others studying techniques ( we have a little internal competition so we push each other to study Tagalog as hard as the other one ) And companion stories, and how we have to influence our companions to be more obedient. But overall it was a great time, then on Friday we had zone interviews, and I love it. The older missionaries are such good teachers and I'm trying to be the best sponge I can and soak everything in! I love it though, it pumps me up and makes me want to be a better missionary. 

Next, we had a baptism this Saturday. Our investigator named Victor was baptized, he's 16. He was found by the missionaries a week or two before I came to the area, so I got to experience a majority of the lessons with him. We are so excited for him, but I'm also worried about him because I have seen so many teenagers join the church and then go inactive months later. I know how important it is to keep visiting and strengthening his testimony. Gordon B Hinckley said something along the lines of, " It is important to bring our brothers and sisters unto the fold, but once they are in the fold, it is just as important to keep them in the fold." Then he goes on and lists 5 things that all new investigators need. We will do all we can to make sure he stays active and keeps strengthening his testimony. 

In previous weeks we haven't had much success getting our investigators to church so last week we changed our companionship prayers and started specifically praying for our investigators by name and asking for certain blessings they are in need of. We witnessed a huge blessing from doing this, on Sunday, five of our investigators came to church! It was almost shocking to see them all walking towards the church on Sunday morning. I learned an important lesson from this, that is, there is always something  WE can do to help our investigators progress. Before I just thought that we did our part by inviting them to come to church and it's their responsibility to keep that commitment. But I see that there is always something we can do better as missionaries to help them. We need to put the responsibility of them not going to church and not progressing on our shoulders and figure out a way we can help them keep their commitments

One family we taught still didn't come to church, she's a single mother with 5 kids and is always stressed. We try so hard to get her to church, her son had a birthday and they were low on money so they couldn't get him a cake so the sisters in our ward and us pitched and got him a 480 peso cake ( very expensive ) and had a birthday FHE for him. She was very grateful. That's one thing I've already noticed, I'm becoming such a giving sharing person. Before I was always stingy with my food and etc., but now I share literally everything! The spirit turns you into a giver! 

Sounds like everything is going great! And BYU is doing great too, GO COUGs! Thank you for all the prayers and support, I thank Heavenly Father for such a wonderful family everyday. 

Mahal na Mahal Tayo 
Elder Nielsen 

We Got District Jerseys! Jerseys are a big thing here, everyone makes and wears jerseys. It was 480 pesos.. but converted into dollars its 10 dollars! 

So if you look carefully you might recognize it is the same jersey as the Golden State  warriors. But we have the Tabernacle Logo instead :D 

We had to take some team pictures.. 

And the Baptism.

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