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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, August 14, 2016

"And the Rain came a Tumbling Down.."

We had another good week last week. Unfortunately, our investigators took only one-step forward last week and two-steps backwards. Brother Arnold was supposed to have his baptismal interview last week, but we caught him smoking last week while we were walking down the road. He told us that he fell into temptation and smoked. He told us that he smoked only one cigarette, and that this is the first time he has smoked in the last four weeks. We felt that we should move back Brother Arnold's baptism for a few weeks, in order to make sure he is ready for his baptism. Brother Elbert our other progressing investigator was also supposed to be interviewed last week, but he confessed to us that he smoked a cigarette the night before, so we moved his baptism back another four weeks. NOO! It is a little frustrating. But it is part of missionary work. And it is teaching us patience.  Elder Ricafort and I have experienced many setbacks and trails the last few weeks in our area. But, we are doing our best to continue to press forward faithfully because we know that after all the trials and hardships, comes all the blessing and miracles. 

It also rained a lot this week! It rained pretty much all day, everyday last week. Even with an umbrella you still get soaked. So we are literally trudging around all day in the rain completely soaked. Haha you gotta love missionary work. The rain does make the temperature a lot cooler which is nice. The only problem is your feet and socks are never dry. But all is well, I love the rain. 

Everything else is going well. We are just finding, finding, finding, but nobody will go to church. But we know there is someone in this area that is prepared for the Gospel. And we are going to find them! 

But I can not really remember anything that has happened recently. But, I have been sewing up all my pants the last few weeks. Even though we bought size 36 in the waste they are still ripping in the crouch. Luckily, I mastered my sewing in my Home Ec. class in the 8th grade, so I have sewed them up and they look brand new. ( maybe even better than when I bought them ;)  ) 

Besides that, everything is just swell. Thank you for all the support and prayers! I love you all! Good Luck in School in a few weeks!

ps. I still have 50 minutes in my email time. So Pops and Mom, you still have time to write letters.


Elder Nielsen

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