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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mission Tour 2K16

This week just flew by. It seems that so many things has happened. But like always, as I starting to write this letter nothing comes to mind.

First off. We had another great week last week. Yesterday after our stake conference, the Espritu family had their baptismal interviews. Not surprisingly, every member of the Espiritu family passed their interviews so their baptisms will be held this Saturday.They are very excited to be baptized and become members of The Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We feel that they have truly repented of their sins and are prepared to enter in to a sacred covenant with our Father in Heaven. Junior, Melva, and their son M-Bong are also working towards their baptism. Junior and Melva have not yet been married so last week we taught them the Law of Chasity and committed them to live the Law of Chasity and be married. They accepted our commitment, and are now working towards saving enough money to pay for the expenses of their marriage and filling out all the paperwork for their marriage. 

And also, I think I forgot to mention to all of you that we were going to have a mission tour. Elder Evan A. Schmutz of the Seventy visited our mission last week. And it was GREAT. I learned so many wonderful things. He arrived here on Tuesday and asked to meet with all of the senior couples in the office, President and Sister Bertin, and us. He was a very nice man. Very warm and friendly. WE had a big group meeting and he asked us a few questions and got to know us a little better. Then Elder Perkins and I had an interview with us. He asked us about the our mission and the missionaries in it, and what we thought about it,about the legacy of our mission, how we were handling our busy schedule, about the obedience of the missionaries serving in our missions, and about other new things that the Missionary Board has implemented into our mission. It was very nice interview, but I have to admit it was still a little bit intimidating. Then later that afternoon we had a Missionary Leadership Council and Elder Schmutz, his wife, President Bertin, and Sister Bertin all spoke to us. It was great. 

Then on Thursday we had our actual mission tour. They again all spoke to us. They talked a lot about obedience and how we need to be exactly obedient to qualify for spiritual power. And how every time we are not obedient it dulls our spiritual power. It was great. They are all very talented speakers, and I took down so many notes. My favorite part of the whole meeting were the experiences that Elder Schmiutz shared. One of the stories he shared was about how on time on his mission when he was training, he was teaching an investigator and they asked a question about the Book of Mormon and how do they actually know there are people living on the American continent and stuff.He said that morning he studied about how there is "other sheep that are not of the fold" in John 10. But he said he forgot where that verse was found. Then he said, he a vision type thing, and he said his scriptures appeared in front of him (his real ones were still on his lap)  and they opened to the that exact page where that verse was found. And he could see the verse clearly and he read that verse word for word. He said while this was happening he could still see his investigator sitting in front of him the whole time. 
Second story. He was talking about how when he was a lawyer he would wake up from 4-6 every morning and would study the scriptures. He said he many powerful experiences. He said because he was doing this he started to have many spiritual experiences. One night while he was sleeping he had a very real vision of Outer Darkness and what it was like. It was suuuper cool. He had a few more cool stories, but there is just not enough time to type them all. But overall, I learned lots of wonderful things. Great meetings.

Besides that, everything is going well. The are is great. There are many people to teach. 

I am very thankful for the opportunity that I have to serve with Elder Perkins. He is very passionate about missionary work. He works so hard and cares so much about the people he is teaching. I have learned so many things from him in such a short period of time. He truly is a wonderful example for me. 

This Gospel is great. I love studying it. Thanks for all the love and support. Have a great week!

Ginagugma taka

Elder Nielsen 

ps. Tell Addi that I have not yet received her package. 

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