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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, November 30, 2015

No Thanksgiving in the Philippians..‏

Hello my wonderful family. We had another good week this week. Our progressing investigators are doing really well. First, Sister Cinco, we are just finishing up lesson 4 to her, and she has continued to go to church and keep our assignments. We are really confident in her because she already has many friends in church and she also has the support of her very active grandmother. Next is Brother Gem, he is doing really well. He has been taught by the missionaries before, but before he could be baptized he left to go live in a province for a few months and lost contact with the missionaries. He already has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and has many fellow shippers in the ward. ( He's actually came out and worked with us, and has born testimony to our other investigators, and he's not even baptized yet.. whoops ) His baptism will be on January 16th, along with Sister Grace. We have been teaching Gem, Grace, and Sister Abrasado all together. Unfortunately Sister Abrasado was able to be at our last discussion, so we have not extended a baptismal date to her yet. Last week, we tried to extend a baptismal date to Brother Denilo, but he told us he was already a member in the Catholic church. But he said, if he prays and knows that this church is the true church, he will be baptized. With him, we are continuing to teach him and help him receive that witness and testimony for himself. He also attended church again this Sunday. We were also able to find many new investigators this week that we think have a lot of potential. We are excited to return to them and continue teaching them. 

Elder Gurtiza is doing great. He had a little cold this week, but he wanted to continue to work, even though his nose was stuffed, he had a headache, and didn't quite have his full energy. I really admire that about him, he always wants to work hard and do his best. He is becoming a better missionary and a better example for me each week. 

Besides that it has been a pretty normal week. We were going to do something for Thanksgiving and go by a chicken and stuff, but it was ill planned and never happened. But we have decided we will do something big for Christmas to make up for it. Stay tuned. 

Next week I am starting my 40 day fast. No it's not like a sugar fast like Erin, something a little more spiritual ;) it's coming from the talk " The forty-day fast" if you want to do it too, but in summary this elder was doing his very best but still was missing something, so a church leader told him to this fast. You start with a fast and then go and pray and then write every down that you feel is distracting you from the work and having the spirit, ( 40 things) like hunting, sarcasm ect. Then you give those things up for 40 days. It was a really powerful talk. So I will start my fast next week. 

6 Minutes Pop! Waiting on that email. 

Elder Nielsen

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