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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, December 7, 2015

Faith of a Mustard Seed‏

We had another good week this week. This was probably my fastest week in the mission.We really focused on our progressing and recently found investigators. Our main progressing investigators are doing really well. One of our investigators left and went to the provinces to spend time with her family for the holidays. Unfortunately, she will not return until the first of the year. But she promised us she would continue to read and go to church with her active family out there. We are trying are best to stay in content with her and remind her to read and go to church. Sister Cinco, our other progressing investigator, moved her baptism back to the 26 of December, in order for both of her parents and family to be able to attend. Brother Gem, attended church again this Sunday for the third time. We just finished lesson 3 with him last week. We have no problems or concerns with Gem, he is very solid and has a very strong testimony and reads all our assignments. His baptism will be held on January 16th. With Brother Denilo, we still haven't really been able to figure out his concerns yet. He attended church again for third time, but he still seems unsure about working towards his baptism in January. We want to really focus on him this week, and figure out what exactly is holding him back. 

Our recently found investigators seem to be interested in our message, but did not attend church for whatever reasons. We want to focus on them making that next step and commitment, and go to church.

Elder Gurtiza is doing great. He said this last week was the fastest week in his mission. He really like when the day is busy and we have a lot of appointments to go to. I told him the advice grandpa, " The harder you work, the faster it goes." The key is just to work hard and lose yourself and then the days just fly by. I really think I'm starting to really focus on the work because the days are just flying by. Last week I really focused on my attitude, having a really positive attitude with the heat, when we get punted, and how there is no rain. I think it really helped. 

We had a spiritual experience last Monday, we had a FHE planned with an active member, then at literally the last second they canceled it. So we had no idea who we were going to go to next. We started walking and then we thought we should visit a recently returned less active. So we visited him and he let us in, he told us he had stayed home from work because he head really hurt because of his tooth ache. So we taught him a lesson and at the end, he asked us if we could give him a blessing.So we gave him a blessing and at the end of the blessing he said the pain was completely gone. He said he felt peaceful, and he could probably actually fall asleep now ( he couldn't earlier because of the pain). He said he took pain pills earlier but nothing worked. He said the power of the Priesthood is so powerful and he asked us to give him a copier of the priesthood prayers in case his kids were ever sick. We thought this experienced really strengthened his testimony about the Priesthood and also our testimonies.That was my first miracle I have seen through my priesthood blessings. It was simple but powerful, it really changed my perspective on things as I pondered the experience. I decided I need to have a lot more faith when I give blessings, I need to have the faith giving the blessing that the person will be healed, as long as it is God's will. If we had the faith of a mustard seed, we could move mountains. And if we have the faith, Heavenly Father can perform any miracle through us. 

And last night we had a fun experience. We were invited to the Mission Presidents Home for dinner to break our fast. There were 3 other sets of missionaries with us. And it was a really good time, it was the first time I had American food in a long time, we had Mexican lasagna, it was wonderful. And after the dinner President picks on a set of missionaries to give a short active member lesson. And sure enough, he called on us. We both just felt like he would. So we taught about the Savior and Christmas and watched the short Christmas Clip for this year. It was such a relief being able to say what my thoughts and feelings were since the lessons was in English. I thought the lesson went really well, I felt the spirit really powerfully and so did everyone else as they shared their feelings on the Savior.

Next week is going to be a hectic week. Lots of meetings and activities going on. I was asked to give a talk on being exactly obedient at the 5 week training for all the trainer and trainees, so I still need to prepare for that. This church is true and Christmas season is a great opportunity to share the Gospel. Don't hold anything back, invited everyone to learn more about the Savior. 

Mahal na Mahal kayo
Elder Nielsen

ps. It's too bad you couldn't get a bull elk, mom. But the hunt and the memories are just as fun. That makes two of us with elk tag soup. But don't worry, in 5 years we can start putting you in for the draw again ;) 

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