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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Snapping Turtles+ Large Spiders= Fun Exchanges!

1. Some tasty squid!
2. Family Home Evening at the Mago's house. 
3. The weird cars I was telling you about. 


We had another good week this week. The Nicol family was able to attend church for the first time last Saturday. Unfortunately, Brother Nicol was not able to attend church because he hurt his foot in construction work last week. He really wanted to attend with his whole family, but hopefully his foot will be healed so they will be able to attend next week as a complete family. The Nicol family has really started progressing these last two weeks. They know what we are sharing is true, and now they are starting to show their faith by keeping our commitments and going to church. The Nicol family is preparing to be baptized on the 28th of May. We have very high hopes for this family. Brother Rudy and Sister Mirna, an investigator family we found two weeks ago, has also showed major signs of progression. Brother Rudy was able to attend church last Sunday for the first time. We classified Brother Rudy as a "Golden Investigator". He feels that the message of the Restoration is true and he wants to be baptized. He was smiling all day at church yesterday and he was shaking and making friends with all priesthood members at church. Their baptism is also scheduled for the 28th of May. There are many recent converts in are area, and most of these recent convert's families are not members so we have really been focusing on our recent convert's families and all their relatives. Our area is really starting to progress and we are very excited for the upcoming weeks.
It was a busy but fun week! Elder Alcala is a great missionary, it will be a good transfer with him! But on Saturday we had exchanges with the Assistants. So we are already living with them, so it was a really easy exchange! But I was companions with Elder Perkins! He is probably one of my favorite missionaries in the mission, so we knew the day was going to be a fun day. We had a great day sharing stories and experiences in our mission and just laughing, but of course it was a very spiritual day and I learned a lot . But some experiences we had was when we went into this house to teach some active member nanays and they showed us some cool little turtles their little grandsons had found in the river. They were the weirdest turtles I have every seen, they were still really small, but they were so fast and they had the longest necks! They grandma thought it was some kind of crazy weird kind of mutton turtle. They told us to grab it because they were swimming around in this little tank, so I grabbed it and that little bugger started snapping and me and trying to bite me, and all of them started screaming because I was putting it close to them, It was really funny. But they were the littlest, quickest snapping turtles I had ever seen, Then later this huuge spider cam running through the house and they all started screaming again and all the little kids were trying to catch it. It was so funny. I will send you a picture of the spider next week. I am sure Erin will love it ;) Sorry the stories are hard to explain over email, just ask about them in the Mother's day call or something :)
Overall another busy and fun week in the mission. I am really start to love my mission more and more every week. I can express myself in the language and I even joke around too, and that helping to be more of myself. I love the mission, and I love serving Our Saviour, it is a special time in my life and I am trying to work my hardest and make the most of it! I love all of you! Choose the Right! At bumalik nang may pangal. ( Return with honor)
ay ay atin ka
Elder Nielsen 

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