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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, May 2, 2016

Taking the Wrong Paths

1. Frog Season is back on! That one was a whopper!
2. It rained so their was a little flash flooding. 
3. Notice all the garbage in the water. That is how it is here.
4. Baptism

We had another great week this week. Brother Rudy attended church again for the second time last Sunday. He is really progressing and has such a strong desire to learn more about the Gospel. He always reads our reading assignments and then he will report back to us about what he read. He is very excited for his upcoming baptism on the 28th of May. His wife, Sister Thelma, always listens to our messages, but she still has not been able to attend church. We will start focusing more on his wife in the next few weeks. The Nicol family told us they were going to go to church last Sunday, but they texted us right before church and said that they will not be able to make it to church. We were able to find many new and wonderful families this week. We are excited to teach them and help them come unto Christ. 

Our Recent Converts in our area are doing very well. They are all progressing and still attending church. We have been focusing on their non member families and they are now listening to our lessons. Our Less Actives in our area are doing very well too. We have a few less actives that are close to returning four consecutive weeks, and we are continuing to help and support them.

This week was a great week of just pure Missionary work. We did not have any meetings or distractions and it was nice just getting to proselyte all day. This week I took two wrong paths, I do not even know how it happened, I have literally this whole area memorized, but it happened twice this week. We were walking and I just took a little road that I thought I recognized to get to an investigators house. ( I have gone to their house over 15 times) But we were walking done this street and after a while I realized that this was a different little path, we thought it was weird that we walked down the wrong road, but we figured it was for a reason so we started doing a little OYMing and talking with everyone, and we met this father that agreed to let us come teach him and his family. We had a good lesson and gave them all baptismal dates, and we will go back to them on Wednesday. So we are excited to see how things turn out. The other time was when we were going to an LA's house and for some weird reason I chose another wrong path by accident and we ended up OYMing again and we found a house of some old LA's that I never even knew lived their and another investigator family. I been thinking about those experiences a lot this week, I have went to those peoples houses many times, and have never gotten lost or taken the wrong path until now. I know that it would not have happened if the spirit was not guiding us and helping us find the people we need to find. I know the Lord's hand is always guiding us in his work. 

I also forgot to tell you about a funny experience i had a few weeks ago. We went to another church to do a baptismal interview for the other missionaries. And all the little youth were doing scouting, I told them that I was an Eagle Scout and they thought that was the coolest thing. Then they started quizzing me! Like, What's the Scout Law, and the Moto, and the Slogan. Then they started quizzing me on my knots.. I'll admit, I didn't do too well on that part of their quiz. I could only remember a few knots.. Pioneering was always my weakest area. But they were telling how they are going to Bagio this summer for a Jamboree and the in 2019 they are going to America for a scouting Jamboree. They were the funniest little kids. They said I need to come with them when the go to America in 2019. And now every time I see them they always say hi and come talk to me about scouting. We are like best friends now ;)  Thanks Mom and Pops for pushing me to complete my Eagle Scout, so now I can have experiences like this. :) 

Thanks for all the love and support. This is a sacred work and the Lord is willing to guide His servants if we are just willing to listen. I love this Work and all of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA CONNIE! :D

Mahal kita 

Elder Nielsen

PS. I will call around 9 or 9:30, the time Dad said will work best! 

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