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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, May 23, 2016

Last week in good ole' Camarin.. yata

We had another great week this week. Brother Rudy passed his baptismal interview last week. His baptism will be held this weekend. Bother Rudy is excited for his upcoming baptismal. He is so awesome! He literally is a golden investigator. We found him and baptized him within 5 weeks. He was truly prepared before we met him. We found him a white shirt and tie. So now he is rockin' his shirt and tie at church.  We do not have any concerns or worries about Brother Rudy. We know that that he will continue to read the Book of Mormon, go to church and strengthen his testimony. Our next focus is on getting his wife to start going to church. His wife is always watching the baby of their daughter, and has never been able to go to church. Brother Rudy has even expressed his feelings to us about how he really wants his wife to go to church with him, so on Sunday we found a good fellowshipper for his wife and we have set plans to teach her and fellowship her. We found a family last week that we taught and invited to church. Then on Sunday, their whole family came to church. They seemed to really enjoy church. We found many fellowshippers at church for them and introduced them to the members in the ward. We are excited to continue to teach them, and help them understand and recognize the truthfulness of our message. We are starting to see lots of progression in this area. We are excited to help these sons and daughters of God to come unto Christ, repent and be baptized. 

This week we had exchanges with the Bagong Silang 2 Elders, Elder Martel and Elder Miguel. I had the opportunity to be companions with Elder Martel. Elder Martel is a good missionary. He teaches very simply and clearly. He is a good finder. He has no problems with talking to people he sees on the road and opening his mouth. The only thing that I noticed that he could work on was just being a little more excited about the work. I noticed that he did not smile very much throughout the day. I told him he needs to act a little happier and smile a little more throughout the day because we our representatives of Jesus Christ and we should be happy. Overall it was a wonderful exchange. I learned many great teaching techniques from Elder Martel. 

I can never remember anything that happened when I write you guys. It is always the same thing everyday. But I really love this area. The work here is great. We never run out of people to teach. Our only problem is running out of time the day. There is so much work to be done here! One story I had from this week. So yesterday, we were teaching a part member family. The mom is an active member, but the son is an active Born Again member. And he kept asking us all these questions when we taught him lesson wrong ( trying to stomp us and trying to catch a fault in our religion) But all his questions, we easily answered using scriptures in the Bible. And after we would answer his question he would kinda nod his head and agree with us. It was a really good lesson. Literally every question he had could be easily answered. The Gospel is so true. It answers all the question in this life. It is interesting, they can never find fault in our religion, because all our beliefs come straight from the Bible and the things that Jesus taught. You can never lose when the Gospel is on your side. 

This is most likely my last week in Camarin. Next week we have transfers so it will be interesting to see what happens to me and where the Lord sends me. 

Overall another wonderful week in the service of our God. I know this Gospel is true. I know God has a perfect plan for us. The Gospel is so simple and perfect it amazes me. It can literally answer every question in life. Have a great week Fam!

Mahal Kita,
Elder Nielsen

ps. the pictures I sent. The huge spider from exchanges with Elder Perkins. And last P-day we went to a Mexican Restaurant. First time I have had Mexican food in a while. 

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