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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, December 19, 2016

Bye Bye Batch & BIG NEWs

Elder Narisio and I had another great week last week. However, due to the Christmas season, we had a little bit of a hard time meeting with and teaching our investigators. But in end, everything turned out alright. Our ward Christmas party turned out to be a very successful and productive gathering. Five of our investigators and many less actives were able to attend the ward party. We were able to introduce many of our investigators to the ward members. One of the active members in our ward was even able walk home with one of our investigator families. 

Benedict and his brother Benjie are still preparing for their upcoming baptisms. Benedict's baptism will be held on December 31 and Benjie's baptism is scheduled for the first part of January. We hoped to baptize Benjie on the 31st of December, but due to his busy schedule, we have not finished the lessons with him yet, and we felt that he is still not quite completely prepared for his baptism. Benedict has completely stopped drinking coffee. And we feel he is prepared for his upcoming baptism. But overall, we have no problems or concerns with them.

Our area is doing well. I feel like our area is right on the verge of progressing. We have about ten investigators that go to church every other Sunday. We are trying to help them make going to church a weekly tradition for their families. Once our investigators fully understand the importance of attending Sunday services and partaking of the Sacrament, we feel that they will start going to church every Sunday. 

Last week, I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Gumban. Elder Gumban is a very creative elder. He loves making his teaching and OYMing very creative and fun. Elder Gumban's strength is definitely his teaching. I was impressed with his fun and simple style of teaching.  One thing that Elder Gumban and I both need to work on is being a little more aggressive in our attempts at getting in doors. We decided that it is more effective just to say, "Brother, we are coming in to teach your family, is that alright?", instead of asking, "May we come in your house and teach your family?". The first approach is must more bold and effective. It also limits the investigator's ability to decline your offer. 

And now for the exciting new...!

First off! My sister batch went home last week. Sister Stancliffe and Sister Hulme completed their 18 months and were shipped home! They were both great sister and had a lot of success on their missions. It was fun to be able to see their exit day! 

Next! We got a new van! ( I will send you a  picture of the new van next week! ) Santa Clause came through and got us a new van! The old van had many war scars and battle wounds, ( scratches and dent. BUT not from me!) We were really excited to hear that! But unfortunately, I will only get to use the new van for about another week because... I am transferring!! President mentioned that he planned on Elder Narciso and I to stay together for 3 transfers. But, last week President pulled me into his office and talked to me. He said that he was not planning on me transferring this transfer, but he said after he had prayed about it for a while he said he thought I was needed elsewhere. He said that I already have the office work and teaching figured out. He said it is too easy for me now. And it is time for me to do something else. He said he will send me an area that is struggling or "stagnant" as he put it. He said he thinks that I can help my new companion and help change his missionary life.He says I still have enough time in my mission to make a difference in the zone. He said I need to bring some energy back to the zone. but, not as a zone leader.. hint hint. I do not think I can officially tell you where I am going or who my new companion is because transfers is next week. But I will tell you next week! But I all I can say is I am super excited. 

Have a wonderful week family! I will SEE you all next week about 4:30 your time! 

Merry Christmas!

Elder Nielsen

The Old Van! 
Exit Day

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