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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas

We had another great week last week. Despite the many events and busy schedules caused by the Christmas break, we were still able to have a successful week. 

Firstly, Benedict passed his baptismal interview last Saturday, so his baptismal service will be held this Saturday. His brother Benjie should be baptized in January. It has been very exciting watching the progression of this family the last few months. It was a miracle that we were able to find their house after some much trackting and searching for their family. We saw their family name on the CMIS and after a lot of help from the ward, we were finally able to find them. And now, a few months later this less active and part-member family is active again, with some family members being baptized, and now, their family is slowing moving closing to their family's temple sealing. 

The Camarin 2nd ward is a superb ward. The bishop and ward leaders are very responsible and orderly in their administrating in the ward. The ward is constantly helping the missionaries resolve concerns and always helps us find fellowshippers for our investigators. The ward has been such a blessing for us and for our area. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity that I had to be companions with Elder Narciso. Elder Narciso has taught me numerous lessons and skills in the two transfers that we were together. He is a great missionary. He has such a big and loving heart. He is always reaches out and loves everyone that he meets. He loves learning and studying the scriptures and he is always striving to improve himself. Elder Narciso has been a wonderful example for me. I know Elder Narciso and Elder Markham can really make a difference in the Camarin 2 area and in the mission. 

I am super excited for my next area! It is one of the prettiest areas in the mission. It is way up in the mountains next to this big river. It is a big tourist spot. There is also a zoo in my area. Which I am excited to go to. 

I am kabahays with E. Price. A really nice elder I met in SJDM. He is a basketball player. and E. Peterson is my companion. (English speaker!). He is a really nice elder. He is still pretty young in the mission and He has had some hard companions. So I am glad to be able to be with him and help him have an enjoyable time.

The area and the set up is perfect. I have to say I lucked out on this one. 


I have 2 sets of sisters in my district, the ZLs are in my district. All sisters, means no exchanges. The ZLs live in my house so I do not have to travel for exchanges with them. 

They have a new BIG house next to Wawa Dam. They have a labandera (a person who does laundry) . Covered court in their subdivision. Weights. Carendaria down the street (food place). Nice area. Nice ward.  

I am super excited.

Take care family! Merry Christmas! Love you all!


Elder Nielsen 

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