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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Finding na Finding

We had another great week last week. Elder Peterson and I had a lot of success in our finding. Not only did we find a lot of new and potential investigators, but we felt that we found the "right" type of investigators, who have a high chance of progressing. One example is Sister Ramos. We met and taught Sister Ramos at one of her friend's house a little over a week ago. She invited us to come teach her and her family in their home. We found her house last week and taught the Restoration to them. After the lesson, she wanted us to come back and teach her friends as well. She told us that she has observed and tried many churches, but she felt that there is just something missing or lacking in all the churches that she has attended. After the lesson, she accepted our invitation to go to church this Sunday with her friends. We also found a few new potential part member families. 

Our ward has been helpful, but they have not really provided very many referrals for us. So Elder Peterson and I have been doing a TON of finding. Everyday we find a lot new investigators. If in doubt, find. 
Sister Chat and Sister Tin Tin are still progressing. They both attended church again yesterday. Sister Tin Tin has already finished first Nephi and Sister Chat is in chapter 8 of first Nephi. They are both very eager to learn and live the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sister Marifosa, a 27 year-old mother, also attended church yesterday. She has attended church twice. She is also progressing and moving towards her upcoming baptism. 

Elder Peterson and I were also able to find four new less active families last week. We are excited to return to those families and help them strengthen their testimonies of Jesus Christ and become converted to the gospel. It amazes me how many less active families we have found together. We added it up last week, and we have found over 20 less active families! They literally just keep popping up everywhere! We have seen many miracles in our less active finding. 

Elder Peterson has improved drastically in the last month. His Tagalog and teaching skills are steadily improving everyday. I am very impressed how well he already speaks Tagalog. One attribute of Elder Peterson that I admire is that fact that he is never content with himself, he is always wanting to improve. He has taught me numerous things in the last few weeks. 

Overall, we had another great week! There is nothing better than studying the Gospel all morning, then preaching the Gospel all afternoon. I hope all of you have a wonderful week. Love ya all!

Mahal ko kayo.

Elder Nielsen 

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