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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lost Sheep

We had another great week last week. Our greatest success this week occurred while teaching Christine. Christine has attended church three consecutive times and is reading the Book of Mormon daily. Her only concern was that she had not yet received her answer from God, thus, she did not quite know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. She had constantly prayed and asked for three weeks, but still no answer had come. She said, that she was starting to believe our message was true because she frequently felt an indescribable urge or "push" to keep reading the Book of Mormon and attend church. However, last week she finally received her witness that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. While reading the revelations of Isaiah in 2 Nephi, she came upon the verses which prophesied about Joseph Smith as latter-day prophet, and how he would be named after his father. After reading that passage of scripture, Sister Christine said, that she finally felt that Jospeh was a true prophet of God. Last night, she officially accepted a baptismal date on March 25. Her husband, who will be returning from Qatar this next week, also agreed to listen to the missionaries and attend church with Christine. 

Last week will trakting, Elder Peterson and I found another seven less-active families. Remarkably, the Lord keeps placing lost sheep that have wandered from the His fold into our paths. Yesterday, we made plans and coordinated with the relief society president and other auxiliary leaders to visit and home teach the newly found less actives that we found over the last month. 

The Lehi district is doing well. Three out of the four companionships in the district had over 20 new investigators last week. The only companionship that is struggling with finding is the Montanna sisters. As a district, we discussed a few ideas that they could try in order to have more new investigators, but the ideas did not apparently help. But, as a district and as a zone we have a new finding activity that well begin tonight. Hopefully, the finding activity will inspire the Sisters to continue to find new investigators. 

Overall, it was another successful week. Elder Peterson and I are focusing on having strong enough faith in order to see miracles and baptisms in our area. 

I am very excited for Thursday. Elder Bednar will be speaking to only mission. Annnd Elder Peterson was asked to be the pianist for the mission conference. SO what that reeeeally means is front row seats ;) Maybe I will turn pages for him..

We also bought a new basketball today, so that means we will be playing basketball every morning again. Our old ball got a whole in it  two weeks ago.. I really need to stop dunking it so hard.. I keep popping all of our balls! ;) 

Have a great week! Welcome Little Emma Jean to the family! It is good to see that she got her cute facial features from her old Uncle Elder Nielsen! ;)  

gihigugma tika,

Elder Nielsen 

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