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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Conference 2K17

We had another great week last week. Last week, we continued to find and focus on our progressing investigators. The Hitosis family is still reading and progressing. Sister Hitosis and Ronalyn Hitosis were both able to attend General Conference yesterday. Their family is doing well. They are continuing to learn and grow and have been keeping all of our commitments that we have extended to them. 

Sister Josephina is also still progressing. She has already attended church numerous times. The only reason why she has not yet been baptized is because she and her husband/live-in-partner are not yet married. However, the Relief Society in our ward has already started fundraising for Sister Josephina and her marriage. In the next few weeks, Sister Josephina will hopefully be married and baptized. 

The missionaries serving in SJ North zone are still doing well. All the companionship in the zone are working hard and are striving to achieve our zone finding goal. All of the companionships in this zone, except one, we able to reach the Mission Standard of Excellence for new investigators. At this point, we do have any concerns or problems with any of the missionaries or companionships in this zone.

General Conference was once again a very inspiring, spiritual, and beneficial event. It is always a privilege to be taught and instructed by Lord's authorized representatives during General Conference. My favorite talks were by Elder Bednar, Mark A. Bragg, Ronald A Rasband, and Dieter F. Uchtdorf. But overall it was a great conference!. 

Last week, we went to MLC. I saw Elder Narciso for probably the last time last week. He goes home in May. 

Sorry. It was kind of just a busy week, with not a lot of fun stories.. But it was definitely a good time. 

Overall, we had another great week last week. Take care! Love you all!


Elder Nielsen 

Ps. Ask the Filipina Sister. Where she is from or if you want to try it in Tagalog. "Taga saan Ka?"  

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