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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Mga Veterano vs the Young Bucks

We had another great week last week. As a companionship, we are currently focusing on building up our teaching pool. Our area is progressing, however, our teaching pool is not very deep. We tend to visit the same households a few times a week, and consequently, have limited people in our teaching who we can teach. As of now, we are really focusing on finding and adding more investigator families in our teaching pool. 

Our area has been a little neglected in the past years. We went through the are book last week and looked at all the old RCs. There has literally been two convert baptism in the last 3 years. Let's just say the old missionaries did not work as hard as they could have.. SO our goal is to transform the area. Meaning, finding. Last week we have 35 new investigators, and our goal is to have 35 new investigators every week to start turning the area around. 

As for investigators, we have a few main families and individuals that we are focusing on and teaching frequently. The Estocis family is a fairly new investigator family that we have been visiting and working with. They were a referral from an active member that lives nearby. Their teenager daughter has attended church a few times but they have not been able to attend church as a family. However, yesterday, we were able to pick their family up and and accompany them to church. At the close of the church services, they made a remark that they enjoyed attending church. We are hoping attending church will become a weekly tradition and desire for the Estocis family. 

The SJ North zone is doing well. Last week, we introduced a new finding activity. It was called Mga Veterano vs The Young Bucks. So basically, we divided up the zone into two teams, the old missionary companionships and the newer missionary companionships. I am the team captain of the Veterans and Elder Richard is the captain for the Young Bucks. We made weekly competitions to try to motivate the missionaries in the zone to work harder and find more. It was kinda of fun, and we are hoping it will help the zone. The zone seemed to be excited and willing to accept and achieve the new zones goals that we established for the upcoming weeks.

Last week I received this text from President Bertin. 

"Elder Nielsen- Here is a quote from a missionary that landed in your last area: "This is exactly what an open are should be like! The area map is updated. The area book is updated. There are investigators. The ward likes us. I wish I could give Elder Nielsen and Elder Peterson a big hug. Elder Frias and I have very very big plans that  believe we can achieve!"  What a compliment. Way to go!!!" 

I am still a little sad I will miss their baptisms, but I am super happy fro them! 

Overall, Elder Richards and I had another great week. We are hitting the pavement and working our tails off. The next few weeks should be pretty busy with MLC, General Conference, and Zone conferences and interviews. 

I am super excited for Conference! I already have all the old talks memorized and I need some new materials! I hope all of you have a great week! Choose the right! 

Love you all,

Elder Nielsen 

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