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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, August 31, 2015


We had another good week. We found and taught more investigators, who are really interested and are progressing. One of those, a male in his twenties named Chris. We found him because he called out to us while we were walking down the street, "Hey Elders". We went over and started talking to him, turns out he's actually been taught by the missionaries before. He invited us in and said we could teach him. We had a very powerful lesson about the Restoration, in which he remembered a lot about from the previous missionaries,  at the end of end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized and he accepted. We had another lesson with him later last week and he said he prayed and he knows the restoration is true. We invited him to go to church and he was really excited and he had made plans with his cousins, who are actually active members, to go to church. But he did not show up to church yesterday, so we do not know what happened. As with our other progressing investigators who said they would go to church. So Elder Godinez's and my goal for this week is to get our investigators to church. We really need to explain  the importance of church and the sacrament this week in our lessons. As Brother Piercy would say, " Go to Church!"
We are working hard over here. Some days I am so dead tired from the heat, the walking, and the studying. I feel like I just got home from a hunting trip. Going to sleep at 10:30 is a really easy rule for me to follow ;) 
But everything is just perfect over here, My kabahay and I just laugh and have a good time. They say this is the most united they have ever been with their apartment missionaries. Every night we have kabahay prayers, kasamahan prayers, then personal prayer. Lots of praying before bed! 
A little culture for you guys, I think Philippines is a lot like Erin's mission. There are stray cats, dogs, and hogs (funny story about those things.. They scared us half to death, it was dark, in a grassy field, they started making this weird sound, I thought they were going to charge us.. ( imagine old yeller) I'll tell you the whole scary story at Christmas time or something ) tons of geckos, on and in everyone's houses, like Amber's mission, everyone has a little store in their house and sell all this candy, chips, and drinks. Lots of turkeys, crabs, fish. There are just a lot of animals here! 
Half my area is rural ( rivers. lakes, jungle-ish, fields. and the other half is more cityish. I think that's lahat. Have a good week! 

Elder Nielsen 

Ps. Amb, Che Che, Erin, when you look at the picture of the frog, just imagine me chasing it calling "Toooady.. Tooooady" like DW off of Authur ;)

This is the city life. It Floods all the time! 
Welcome to paradise. 
 A bird that flew through or window during weekly planning, so of course we took pictures of it..
 This is our First Toad. There are frogs and toads all over here, they're quick though. But we finally got one :D

This is for dad, There are tons over turkeys here, I like to do my turkey call and upset the males.

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