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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Friday, August 7, 2015


Whelp, this is the last P-day for me in the MTC. It's such a bitter sweet experience. I'm so ready to go start my mission but I will miss my District sisters and Elder Web's district. My Poly sisters are in mission on a completely different island so i wont be seeing them for a while. But I told them we will work out a plan where I'll come to Tongan and visit or something. (That means Dad, you need start making some real moola on the stock market to pay for my ticket ;)   ) But I'm real excited to actually 'start" my mission. It doesn't quite feel like I'm completely on my mission yet, but that will change. Next time you get an email from me, I will be with a new Kasama somewhere in my mission! I'm super excited to finally get to work and "run until [ I] drop, and they carry [me] home" - Elder Holland. The MTC has a been a wonderful experience. I will never forget the spirit here and all the wonderful teachers and friends I have met here. 

Overall its been another good week, we are all starting to get really anxious to leave. I think that's really all i have, Have a good week! And mom will need to start shopping for school again, that's crazy! And Addi is headed off to kindergarten, watch out Northside! 

 Mahal ko kayo
Elder Nielsen

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