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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, August 24, 2015

Subrang mas Ulan ( so much Rain)‏

Hello Pamiliya, 
It was a good week! We had a lot of rain! Like everyday, and for hours! It's the best thing ever. It's so hot here so I love when it rains, it cools me off and I don't sweat as much. Everything is falling into place and I feel more at home everyday. My kabahay (housemates) and I get along so well. We joke around all the time. And hulaan mo? (guess what) My area isn't all suburbs, I have fields and rivers and lakes here.Its so green and maganda. Summer.. I know you won't be quite the co-pilot hunter I was, but you will do fine, just eat all the snacks and drink all the water, and spot dad a giant antelope, and you'll be just like me ;) That's probably the thing I miss the most, hunting. But that's okay, after my mission I have my whole sport-free life to dedicate to it! 

I learned a lot about the Holy Ghost this week. I've really been trying my best to always have the spirit with me. Elder Godinez put a paper up on the wall this week that was titled, "How Can I Know If I Have the Spirit With Me?". It has two sections, "When I Have the Spirit" and "When I Don't have the Spirit" and has lists of attributes under each of them. Everyday I tried to evaluate myself and see if I had the spirit with me constantly that day. I'm really starting to be able to feel and tell when I have the Spirit and when I don't. I know how essential the spirit is in this work. I've had an experience when I have has the spirit and when I did not, during teaching this week. The first story was when I lacked the spirit. In the lesson, I wasn't understanding very much and my mind and thoughts started to wander away from the lesson. When it was my turn to speak I stumbled over my words and could't really effectively deliver my message. I felt like a wasn't really listening and in tuned with the spirit. The next day we were in a lesson and I was really trying to focus and be in tuned. I was understanding the majority of the lesson and when we transitioned and it was my turn to speak, my mind was clear and my Tagalog flowed pretty smoothly to the investigator and he understood. I know the difference in those two lessons was the spirit. 

Have a good week, Girls: Work hard in school, get good grades, and Addi, don't pick on the boys the first day of school, Chelsea and Brian good luck with the baby, Erin: be more productive, house sitting and getting a massage from the girls isn't a real occupation. Amber: you know what I'm going to say.. Get good grades! ... Joke lang get married! Dad: Get a big antelope. Mom: Keep all those Nielsens and including dad, in line ;)
mahal mahal po kayo 
Elder Nielsen 

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