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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Temple P-Day

Hello Family! Sorry for not writing on Monday, our P-Day was moved to today because we had a temple P-day today. So that was absolutely great, it was the first time have been to the temple since in the MTC. It just gives you a complete recharge and new spirit after going to the Lord's house. After our session I was actually asked to be a witness and stand in as a child for some proxy temple sealings. That was something I had never done before, but it was a great new experience.
But as for our area,  It was another good week. First off, Brother Jem was baptized last Saturday, along with Brother Jimmie, an investigator of the Sisters in our ward, that they have been teaching. The service went very well, and as planned. Our investigator, Sister Abrasado, was able to attend the service. Her baptism is scheduled for February 6th. Last week most of our investigators were really busy or out of town so it was a little harder to schedule appointments. But we are figuring out their schedules again so everything should be a lot smoother now. We have found a lot of great new investigators, who pray and read our assignments, but most of them have not come to church yet, so we want to focus this week on teaching them about the importance of church and commit them to go to church. 

As for recent converts we have some that have really progressed and some that have become less active. Sister Cinco who was baptized in December has continued to progress. She is great. Her Lola (grandmother) told me, that she said I was her favorite, and she wanted to add me on Facebook when I got home hahah :)  She has been to church every Sunday since her baptism. But some of the other recent converts in our area haven't been to church since their baptism, so we are trying to rekindle that fire and the testimony they have of this restore gospel. 

Elder Gurtiza is doing wonderful. I honestly have no complaints about him. He has the biggest heart and loves to serve and work hard. He is very obedient and tries to be exactly obedient in everything he does. Transfers are next week and I don't want to change companions. We get along so well. These last 3 months have just flown by. 

And I have some exciting news for all of you.. President Russel M. Nelson is coming to our mission on February 19th to do a mission tour and talk to our mission!! That is about as exciting as it gets as a missionary :D 

We have transfers next week, so I will not email until Tuesday. It will be interesting to see who will go and who will stay. If I had a preference I think I would prefer to stay in this area. But I will be happy wherever I am called.

And a little update from Malolos, Sister Paraiso and Lourdess are still solid in the church and progressing. Sister Lourdess said she misses me. I want to print off some pictures and said them to all my RC's in Malolos.

And the wedding sounds like it was a blast! Landon welcome to the family! :) That is very exciting! All your emails crack me up! I can tell the marriage was a little pricey from Dad's perspective hahaha ;) I am glad everything turned out great. And Erin did a great job on the Elder Nielsen Manikin I must say ;) We add that to the missionary manikin collection. It sounds like it has snow a lot over there! That will be good for Elko, we have been lacking snow for the last 5 years or so. 

Thank you for all the prayers. I have been overly blessed in my life. I love this gospel and I love learning more about it. One thing the mission has changed is my desire to learn more about this Gospel. I think it is fascinating. I hope you have a wonderful week. Love all of you! 


Elder Nielsen
At Jem's and Jimmie's Baptism.

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