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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas + New Year‏

Sorry I have been slacking a bit with the pictures! 

1. Chimene's Baptism last Saturday 
2 and 3 Our Christmas feast. 

1. I forgot to tell you. but I talked to Elder Godinez and all our baptisms in malolos went through. So Sister Lourdess and Sister Paraiso and her daughter were baptized. 
2. And my District last transfer. 

Wow, I feel like a lot has gone on in the last few weeks. But first off, It was great seeing the whole Nielsen Gang again. You guys all look the same, the only ones that look different are Addi and Erin. Sorry it was a little hard to hear me.. But I could hear you guys great, and that is all that matters right? ;) So I will do a little recapping of the last two weeks.

 So the Tuesday before Christmas we had our ward party and it was a great turn out! We had over 20 investigators come! We had 5 mothers that we just barely found and started teaching (all together) because they are really good friends and neighbors, come with all their children. We didn't even think they would come. The bishop was so shocked when our small herd of investigators came through the door. He asked, (English Translate) "Are you teaching all of them?" with a bit of a shocked expression. Elder Gurtiza and I looked at each other and gave the little shoulder shrug, and gave the you betcha response, acting like we were planning on them coming the whole time, hahaha. All our other investigators came too. I think I figured out the trick to getting our investigators to church, I'll just tell them we are having a party every Sunday and they will all be there.

Then the next day, Thursday, we had a our Mission Christmas Party. But it was only with half the mission because the mission was split into two different Christmas parties in order to fit everyone. But that was a good time, we had a few devotionals, watched Ephraim's Rescue (my favorite part of the whole day) had a gift exchange, in which I won a sewing kit and dominoes. I will probably use the sewing kit so looks like a made a good exchange there. Then we had a talent show, which was fun to watch. Sorry no talents for me this year, I was thinking I could get up there and do my animal calls, but I figured the Filipinos would have no Idea what I was doing and just think I was crazy.. hahaha maybe next year ;) . And then we sang hymns and left. It was a good break and mix up of schedule. Then we went home and made our Christmas Feast. I made the potatoes, jello, and the Filipino fruit salad. Elder Perkins made the gravy, Elder Gurtiza made Graham Cake, and Elder Alejandro provided the Root beer hahaha. Then we bought chicken and rolls. It was a great meal and everything tasted great. 

Then, on Christmas we woke up and went and played basketball for a few hours, came home made a big breakfast of eggs, potatoes, bacon, and toast. It was the first "American breakfast" I have had in a long time! The we had a few other eating appointments and played a little cards. Overall, a happy Christmas, with lots of eating. 

Then On Saturday we had Chimene's baptism, and everything went just great. We had a really good turnout, the primary sang, her parents came. It was just a really sweet baptism. We bought paper and we did the little thing where everyone writes their testimonies, and then gives it to her, and at the end she bore her testimony and it was just the sweetest thing. She said, that they said the water would cold, but she said, that she didn't even feel the coldness because her feelings were so warm inside. Elder Gurtiza and I have just grown to love her so much and we were so happy to see here baptized.

Then last night was New Years so we had a curfew at 5 o'clock, so we came home and just ate some chips, dip and had some pop and just watched the fireworks. It was a nice simple New Years. But the people are crazy here with the fireworks. It was literally like we were in a war, with some many explosions coming from literally every direction. It was the loudest fireworks and stuff I have ever seen. It was almost a little chaotic hahaha. But it was a lot of fun and exciting to watch. 

The last few weeks have been kind of hectic and crazy, so I'm excited to just get things back to normal so I can focus back on missionary work. This year, 2016, will be my full year of missionary service, so I'm excited so see what is in store and what I will learn and how much I will grow. 

To answer mom's questions, about the wild pigs, It is kind of hard to explain in writing but in summary, we were trying to get close enough to take a picture, and then the pigs started making these weird squealing noises and we thought they were going to attack us, so we took off running like we have never ran before. Next, that man is Tatay Denilo, I usually talk about him in my letters. He still attends church, is about completely over his addiction to coffee, but he has not been baptized.. yet. We have big plans for him. And Kevin seems great.He seems really nice and home grown, I think we will get a long just fine. And when my truck or four wheeler breaks he can fix it, sounds perfect to me! ;) 

So I decided I haven't done a very good job answering your questions or talking about the culture. So if you have any questions just write them at the end of your emails and I will try to answer them :) 

Thank you so much for all the encouragement and support. I love all of you. You have been such good examples for me in my life. I know this Gospel is true. I know this is literally the best thing I could be doing in my life right now. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Mahal Kita 

Elder Nielsen

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