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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, January 10, 2016

"That's Embarrassing!"‏

Another good week this week. We had a lot of really good progression with our investigators. First, everything is planned and scheduled for Jem's baptism this coming Saturday. He is very excited to finally be baptized. We don't have any worries or concerns about him staying active after his baptism.  We also had a really powerful lesson with Sister Abrasado this week, our other progressing investigator. We have been working with her for a few months and she just felt like she was not ready or worthy to be baptized. We have been teaching her a lot about fasting, forgiveness, and repentance. In our lesson on Monday, she said that she is ready to be baptized. We have scheduled a baptismal date on February 6th, for her. She has attended church many times, but not consecutively, but she attended church the last two weeks in a row. We also had a new family we recently started teaching, Brother and Sister Galiga,  attend church this Sunday for the first time. We have had a hard time trying to teach them, due to their three young children, who are very rambunctious, and always drawing away their attention. But last week, the children were sleeping, and we were able to have a really powerful lesson about baptism, in which they realized the importance of baptism and wanted to be baptized. We have set a baptismal date on February 20th for them. Unfortunately, we were not able to teach Brother Denilo this week because he had a bad allergic reaction to something he ate. He has been on bed rest the last week. We have stopped by a few times to check up on him and he seems to be recovering. 

Most of our Less Actives in our area are unable to attend church because they have jobs that require them to work on Sunday. We continue to support and encourage them to read and pray everyday, and to keep the Sabbath Day holy as much as they can, even at work. 

Elder Gurtiza caught a little cold this week, that seems to be going around. He was a little sick the past few days, but he said he still wanted to work so we continued to work. Besides the cold, he continues to do well in the filed. 

A fun little story that happened this week. So in our mission we have occasional apartment checks, given by the senior missionaries that work in the office. They go around to each apartment, and check the house and make sure everything clean and orderly. At they grade you based on a score sheet, and if you get 90 or above points out of a 100, you get something called the Lapu Lapu Award and you get to pick a poster to hangup in your apartment. Since Elder Perkins and Elder Alejandro are Zone Leaders they really wanted to get the Lapu Lapu award, to set an example for their zone. So we cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned the apartment so we would get it. Then on Saturday they elder missionaries came over and graded our house. Then the Elderly sister asked to see our 72 hour kits.. We weren't expecting this... ( each apartment has them) We had put our 72 hour backpacks under the sink, it is old, wet, dirty, probably has black mold under there, we call it the outer darkness. So we pull them out, and as we pull them out a little cockroach takes off running, and Elder Perkins causally steps on it, luckily she didn't see him. My bag had little baby cockroaches running around on one side of the back, so I tried to hide that side so she didn't the cockroaches. So we started taking out the food in the 72 hour kit, and apparently we were lacking a few cans of fruit our something, so it was a automatic disqualification. So she started talking to us, trying to give us words of comfort, saying how she was sorry she had to DQ us, and how our apartment was really clean. Then she said, "At least your 72 hour kits are pretty clean, last week a group of missionaries pulled out their 72 hour kits and cockroaches ran everywhere!" We all just gave a look at each other and agreed with her how bad that was. And Elder Perkins, while his foot he still on the smashed cockroaches said, "Really? That's embarrassing " (referring to the other elders) So we had a good laugh about that after they left. But unfortunately no Lapu Lapu Award this time. 

And yes, mother, we do get fed frequently. Not as much as Malalos but we still get fed about every two weeks. But we always get something called Mariendas, It is just a little food ( like bread, cookies, fruits) and drinks. We get those all the time and those are just great, especially when you're tire and hungry. The people take care of me here, no worries there.  

Overall another great week. Thank for all the letters and updates, Erin and Landon good luck on the marriage and reception this week! That really exciting fro you two :) I love all of you and pray for you always. Choose the Right. And always been an example of the believers.

Mahal po kayo

Elder Nielsen

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