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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Filipino License.. and I still can't drive..

We had another busy but successful week this week. First, Sister Abrasado passed her baptismal interview last Saturday and will be baptized this coming Saturday. We do not have any concerns or worries for her, she has a very strong testimony and is eager and ready to be baptized. It has been exciting to watch her life be changed by the spirit these last three months. Sister Rosita, our other investigator, also attended church last Sunday for the first time. She was a referral from her neighbor who is a member (Sister Mago, the grandma of Chimene, she is so great) . She is very determined to receive an answer to know if this church is true. We started teaching her about three weeks ago and she is already in 2 Nephi 8. She has felt the spirit in our lessons and recognizes when she is feeling the spirit, she just wants to be sure this is what she should do. She has a great desire to know, and a great fellow shipper so we have very high hopes for her. We also had two other investigator sisters attend church for the first time. Unfortunately their whole family could not attend, but we are hoping the younger sisters will be the example for their family. The area is starting to progress again, we are starting to find those who are ready to receive the Gospel. It is a very exciting time in this area. 

We also had a lot of success in our Less Actives at church this Sunday. We had 9 LA's at church.  We had a family attend for the first time in many months. They were a bit offended and it has been hard for them to swallow their pride and fear and attend church again so we are very happy with the large step the have made. The father did not attend church, and we are still working with him. He has had some hard experiences in his life and his faith has dwindled a little, but we are praying for him and will not give up on him. We also have seen many miracles in our area the last few weeks, people have been placed in our paths many times last week. We found and met two different less actives on the street who are ready to start living the Gospel standards again. 

A few fun stories, so on Tuesday pretty much all the new foreigners went to the Philippines Transportation Agency to get licenses. But Unfortunately, we aren't getting cars in the mission yet.. We did that because there is some new rule in the Philippines that you cant get a Drivers licenses if you have less than a year on your Visa, so we had to buy them now if we wanted to be able to drive our last year of our mission. So I got to see all my fellow foreigners and hangout at the DMV place all day. They aren't too strict on who can get a license in the Philippines, they don't even make you a driving test or anything. You just have to pay 600 pesos and you have a license. So I know have a Filipino license, I think it is pretty cool :) 

And the presentation on Tuesday went well to the 300 to 400 students. Everything went well, I think it could've gone a little better, but I am pretty picky when I grade myself. But we had over 30 new referrals and students that gave their information to us to have missionaries visit them. Others took Book of Mormons, and pamphlets. Overall a great learning experience and pubic speaking experience! 

It has been a great week. I'm really starting to love missionary work. It is hard work, but the reward is better than what you give. I am very thankful for this opportunity to serve a mission. It is a special privilege. I love this Gospel and Missionary work, and I love all you! 

P.s I watched the videos dad send, that so crazy! And just like I thought, dad is trying to speed skate on the ice. Leave that to Apollo pops! And are you wearing my shoes?? hahaha it looks like you are rockin the old pumas! 

Mahal Kita 

Elder Nielsen

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