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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Good Bye Elder Gurtiza..

Well this was officially my last week of training. And it was another really good week this week. We wanted to finish the transfers strong, and this week we had the highest lesson that I have ever had in my mission. We had a very good and enjoyable week together. As for our investigators, we only had one that what as able to attend church, Sister Abrasado. She has attended church many times, but this is her third consecutive Sunday attending church. She is preparing for her baptism in the first few weeks of February. We do not have any concerns about her upcoming baptism, she has a very strong testimony and many fellow shippers in the ward. All of our other investigators had situations that arose, preventing them from attending church. But we need to do a better job on our part in helping them get church. This is going to be one of our main focuses for the next few weeks. We have found a lot of wonderful young families with great potential, we just have to help them get to church. 

We had a very good week teaching our Less Actives. Most of our Less Actives have strong testimonies and know why they need to just go to church, but with night shift jobs, work on Sundays, and probably even a lack of desire, it has been hard for them to consistently come to church. We had a good turn out this week of less actives at church, but we really want them to start making the commitment to attend every Sunday.

This was my last week with Elder Gurtiza. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be able to have served with him the last two transfers. He is a great missionary with a strong testimony and a love for this gospel. He has taught me so much these last few months, and has helped me with my Tagalog so much. 

So last week on Friday I was invited to a surprise MLC or Mission Leaders meeting. I wasn't sure why I was invited, it is only for Zone leaders and Sister training leaders. But at the meeting President Bertin showed a video given to all the mission president in the world.  It was talking about exchanges and the importance and opportunity that we have to teach by example and help other missionaries. But they said exchanges are going to change. Instead of leaders going to the other missionary's area. Both of the elders would come to the leaders area to see what an area should look like, and it should be a model area for the other missionaries. But in order to do this the Leaders need the best areas in the zone. So the leaders should be placed in the best area. It also talked about assistants to the presidents are going to change. Usually they just work in the office and go to the other elder's area. But he said they are going to change the role of Assistants. They should be working and being an example to the missionaries instead of just stuck in a office all day. The video gave a really good example, it said, You don't take Tiger Woods of the field to hold the bags, you should keep him on the field and let him hit the ball. Referring to what Assistants are doing now.  So the whole mission is going to change. All the Zone leaders are going to be sent to the best areas in the zone. And the Assistants are going to be sent to the best area in the mission. ( which is our zone leaders current area) So after he showed us the transfer announcements early. So after that I knew why I was at the meeting because I was getting called to be a Zone leader in Novaliches (my current zone) . So what is happening, the Assistants are moving in with us in our apartment. And I am going to be companions with Elder Alejandro, my current kabahay. And he is moving into my area with me because the APs are taking his area. So Elder Gurtiza and Elder Perkins are leaving. Elder Gurtiza is going to Kaloocan and will be companions with Elder Egbert his great grandfather, my grandfather in the mission. I am excited for him, Elder Egbert is great missionary. And Elder Perkins will leave and go to Fairview to be a Zone Leader. I hope this all makes sense.. hahaha 

So it has been kind of a crazy week. But I am excited, Elder Alejandro is a great missionary and is very obedient. He only has two transfers left but he still works so hard. It should be a good learning experience. 

Sounds like all you are doing great! Congrats Dad on the missionary opportunity. Keep following up on her, don't let her slip through the cracks. If she becomes reactivated it would change her family now and her family in the future generations. This could be life changing for them. And no I have not received the package yet.. so we should keep praying and hopefully it will get here. :) 

Thank you for all your love and support. I really liked what dad said in his letter, "My dad always use to say, he had the best kids in the world.  He would say you might find some equally as good, but none better." I think I can say that for my family. I very very thankful for all of you and your love and sacrifices, especially Mom and Dad. This Gospel is a blessing in our lives. Keep learning and growing in it. 

Mahal Kita,

Elder Nielsen

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