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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, February 28, 2016


We had another great week this week. Sister Rosita is continuing to steadily progress. She attended church again last Sunday and is continuing to read the Book of Mormon, she has already passed 2 Nephi 10. Our main focus for her is to finish up her lessons and prepare her for her baptism on the 26th of March. We also had three investigators attend church for the first time last week, Sister Cascarro, Sister Joanne, and Sister Joselyn. Sister Cascarro and Joanne are neighbors, and we have been teaching them for the past few weeks. They show a lot of interest in our lessons but were not coming to church. We decided we would give them one more chance to attend church and if they did not attend we would drop them. Luckily they attended church and seemed to really enjoy our meeting. We hope this is a sign, that they are still interested and will start attending weekly. Sister Jocelyn is a investigator we had found many weeks ago, but we have had a hard time meeting with her. However, recently we have coordinated our schedules and we are teaching her again. Sister Joselyn has been attending the Iglesia ni Cristo Church for the last few months, but she said she is not convinced that it is the true church. She really enjoyed church and the Gospel Principle class. We have very high hopes for her. 

I also had the opportunity to go on exchanges last week with Elder Miguel. He is a very quiet and humble missionary. He is a very good teacher and teaches the doctrine very simply. I had the opportunity to get to know him better and about his life. He is overall a solid and humble missionary. 

 Sorry I had to report to President about a little problem and I had to reply to the 3rd ward Young Women so I ran out of time to write anything else! I am really sorry! Next week na lang! I'll attached the letter I wrote to the young women so you'll have a little longer of a letter.. Please make sure Sister Simons was able to receive it? thanks!

Thanks Brianna, Sophia, Penelope , Ivy, Sister Simons and all the other Young Women that helped with the package or sent letters!

I really enjoyed your package! The food and snacks were great and the letters were very sweet, I kept them and put them in my journal. You guys are Great!

The Philippines is absolutely wonderful! It is beautiful here and the people are soo nice. The food is a little different than back home, but it is just as tasty and fun to try new types of food! Like balut.. ;) Tagalog has been really fun to learn, it is a little hard sometimes and my tongue gets tied, but it is still a fun experience. 

The mission is great. It has absolutely blessed and changed my life. I have learned so much about this wonderful gospel. Sometimes it gets hard and you miss your family and friends, but it is all worth it in the end. I heard a quote I really liked one time; "A missionary is someone who leaves their family for a short time, so others can be with their families forever." My testimony has grown so much because of my mission. I encourage and invite all you young women to serve a mission when you are older! It will honestly change your life. 

Thanks for all your wonderful examples to me and to others. Continue to read the scriptures and pray every night. I know this Church is the true church. I have no doubt about that. Be an example of the believers at your schools. Don't be ashamed of this wonderful Gospel and light you have. 

Thank you so much for your support and snacks :D 

Pagmamahal (love)

Elder Nielsen 

Thanks for lahat Fam Bam! 

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