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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Francisco Homes

We had another great week this week. I had a lot better week this week because I am starting to get to know all our investigators, less actives, and members. I am starting to understand all their different situations and their different problems and concerns. Our area here in Francisco Homes is great. Our ward is very supportive and welcoming to new investigators. Our Ward Missionary Leader meets with us every week, and helps us work out our concerns. Our main progressing investigators right now are Brother Arnold, Brother Michael, and Brother Mark. Brother Arnold is a sibling of one the less active families in our area. He has attended church two times now with his less active sibling. His main concern is his smoking. He smokes about 20 cigarettes a day. We made a plan and calendar to help him stop smoking. We mapped out how many cigarettes he can smoke per day, until the day where he will be cigarette free. Brother Michael is the husband of one of newly returned less actives. He has attended church many times. He has been living with his less active girlfriend for many years, but last week, He and his wife were finally married. Now we are just reteaching him all the lessons, and helping him prepare for his baptism. Brother Mark is also part of a part member family. He has gone to church a few times, but he has not been able attend church the last few weeks. It is really hard to teach him because he is always working and only available on Sundays. Thankfully, last night were able to teach him, and talk to him about his preparation for baptism. He is not quite completely ready for his baptism, so we will keep working with him and helping to prepare. 

The Ether District is doing very well. All the companionship are doing pretty well. When I followed up with them on Wednesday, they said that they were all doing well, and their areas were doing well too. They actually did a pretty good job finding last week. I was really impressed. I think I have formed a pretty good relationship with all the Elders and Sister in the District. I gained the respect of the Elders the last two Mondays when we played basketball. They will respect if you are good at basketball, so I played a little harder the last few Mondays to gain their respect. And hey, it worked! Overall the Ether District did very well last week. Most of the companionships did a good finding last week, and it appears they are all working hard and doing well. Tomorrow  I will give my Finding/Atonement workshop to hopefully inspire them. A big thanks to Amber, I used her idea about including the Atonement :)

Overall it has been a great week. We had a cool experience last week. Last week we found a new investigator and started teaching about the Restoration. After we taught about the first vision she started covering him mouth and then she looked like she was about to cry. And then she started laughing and giggling, we were SO confused. Then she told us she felt some weird feeling when we were teaching. She told us that like a spirit passed through her body. We explained that the feeling felt was the spirit. It was very interesting but powerful experience. We will go back to her this week.

Another great week in the service of Our God. Missionary work is great. I think it is a lot of fun. I keep trying to improve everyday, The Gospel is true. The Atonement is real. Love you all! Happy Late Birthday Amber! :D


Elder Nielsen

Ps. Have Fun on Trek Summer! It is such a fun time! So spiritual and so fun! ENJOY IT! :)

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