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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Lets Get Down to Business"

We had another great week last week. I met my new companion, Elder Mahinay, and he showed me around our area. Our area is really progressing. Our area has many part-member families that the Elders has been focusing on. There is a lot of work to be done in this area. I am still trying to meet all the members in the ward, remember their names and where they live. 

Elder Mahinay is a great Elder. (filipino) He has such a strong desire to serve and be obedient. He just finished his training. So he is still very new. I am technically his followup trainer. What does that make me? His step father? His trainer went home last transfer. He told me his trainer was a little trunky. And they were not too obedient last transfer. He told me he talked to President and told him he wanted to be more obedient.  He also said he really wanted to companions with an American to improve his English skills.(his trainer was a Filipino). He said when he heard I was his companion he was really excited and told President thank you in his email, for making us companions. haha. We discussed our companionship goals last week during weekly planning. This transfer we really want to focus on being exactly obedient, improving our language skills, and do a better job finding. I am thankful for the opportunity I have to be his companion this transfer. I know I will learn a lot from him. 

As for the Ether District, I still have not met all the missionaries in my District. I called them last Wednesday for followup calls, and they said they were doing well and they did not have any concerns or problems. I reviewed all their numbers from last transfer, and it seems that the missionaries in the Ether District are not really finding. Like at all.. Their numbers were not too impressive. They were super low in every category. There is a lot of work to be done. All their finding key indicators were very low. They also rarely had perfect studies. My district goals for this transfer will be focused on finding and having perfect studies. I have been praying and fasting to know what I should do or say to inspire them to work hard and to have a successful transfer. If any of you have any ideas how to inspire "going home missionaries" let me know. I need some ideas. 

My area is really pretty. It is also a little tiring. In our area we have one main road on top of this mountain. Then all the house are on the sides of the mountain. So we literally go up and down all day. The only flat area is on top of the mountain. So my legs will definitely get stronger in this area ;) But it has a lot of trees and fresh air. So it will be alright! 

And about the "Walk-a-Thon." Addi, you have a long way to go. Jacob and I hold the Northside record for the walk-a-thon. We did so many laps they would run out of space for the hole punch on our card. Our classes would always win the class pizza party. We would get mad at our classmates if they would not run.. hahah. I think there was only one year my class did not win. I think they must have counted wrong that year. ;)  Also to answer moms questions. Yes, it is officially rain season now. But is just the beginning. All the big typhoons have not hit yet. But we are getting at least one or two thunderstorms a day. And yes I think i am adjusted to weather, but you can never really totally adjust to the heat here. Even the Filipinos sweat. Just not as much as me. But I am just a natural sweater. I just drink about 3 liters of water a day in order to stay hydrated. 

I think that is everything. Lots to say. Little time. But I do have a question. dad, does your deer and Elk tag overlap? Will you be hunting for both at the same time? And also. Put that money in a save place. But not too safe because I know you will put it some where then not remember where you put it! haha and tell Brayden congratulations for me!

Love you all. This work is great. The Philippines is great and so are all you. Be safe and have a good last few days of school! :) 

ginahigugma taka 

Elder Nielsen 

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