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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

We had another great week this week. Brother Arnold, one of our part-member investigators, is really starting to progress. We have been really focusing on him the past few weeks. He is now only smoking twelve cigarettes a day, instead 20. He is slowly cutting down the amount of cigarettes he smokes everyday. He has such a great desire to learn about and follow our Savior Jesus Christ. We can see his testimony growing each week. We have have many other investigators that are right on the verge of really progressing towards baptism. They have gone to church a few times, but their testimony is still missing. We are still trying to figure out all of their concerns, and the things that is really keeping them from progressing attending church every Sunday, instead of every other Sunday. We are doing our best to help them strengthen their testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The Ether District is still doing well. There were no major concerns or problems reported this week from the missionaries in the district. Elder Samante and Elder Tagulao are doing well. They seem to really be getting along with each other. I do not think there is any problem in their companionship unity. They have a few investigators that are starting to progress, and are working towards baptism. Elder Avila and Elder Lieshman are also doing well. Their weakness as a companionship is their finding. They have both admitted to me, that they both struggle in finding. I am doing my best to encourage them to find. They committed to me that they would do a better job finding this week. Elder Hughes and Elder Rellita are doing well. They have good companionship unity, and their area is really progressing. Their weakness as a companionship is leaving the apartment on time and coming home on time. The Zone Leaders told me that they have struggled with this problem before. Elder Mahinay and I are trying to support and encourage them to be on time. Sister Rantayo and Sister Gacayan are also doing well. They are dealing with many concerns and problems with their investigators right now. They are doing all they can to solve and help their investigators. Their companionship unity is fair. This is something they have been trying to improve this transfer. Overall, the Ether District is doing well. The Elders and Sisters in this district are very good missionaries. 

It has been another great week. Last week we met this really nice, old, smart lady. She use to be a teacher. And she has actually really good English. ( the Filipinos always like to practice their broken English with Americans, kinda like dad likes to practice his broken Tagalog with Filipinos;)   ) Anyway, she was actually really good. So we took the advantage and talked to her and then eventually taught her. She was lots of knowledge about the Bible and could quote scriptures. Her concern was that she did not understand why she needed to join our church. She said she knew what we were teaching was true. She did not understand why she needs to join just one church. So I have been doing a lot of studying this week about why we need the church. I read "Why the Church" by D tod. Christofferson. It is a great talk and teaches so simply why we need have church on the earth and why we need to join this church. The main reasons are: In order to care for the poor, in order to "teach the gospel to all Nations" (missionaries),have a quorum of Priesthood holders to perform saving ordinances, temples, Family history, ect. I really learned a lot about that this week. 

Happy Father's Day Paponwa! Chelsea's post says it all! haha. Thanks for all the wonderful things you have taught me, how to hunt fish, play sports. Thanks for all the life lessons you have taught me in life. You are a great example for me. Thanks for always going to my sport events and always taking me hunting and fishing even when you were super busy. Thank you for sharing all your hunting stories, childhood stories, mission stories, and especially your Order of the Arrow stories in your loincloth with me ;) Thanks for helping me able to survive at home with all those giggly girls. My goal for this life is to make two fathers proud of me. My Father in Heaven. And my eathrly father. Thanks for all you do Pops Scott! 

Overall another great week. I am working as hard as i can out here. I am learning so much out here. I love my mission and all of you! 

Elder Nielsen 

ps. Summer you rode in the back of the wagon? Sounds like you pulled an ole  mr. "All American" move. Like he did like last trek. ( mom and Dad know who that is! hahah) 

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