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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, July 11, 2016

Adios Amigos!

  We had another great week last week. Our investigators are progressing steadily. Our investigators are very interested in the Gospel and have great active members supporting them. Brother Michael will have his baptismal interview this weekend. Brother Michael is very ready to be baptized. He is going to church every week, and his testimony has really grown in the last few weeks. We are very excited for him and his upcoming baptism on July 23rd. Unfortunately, we just had a few progressing investigators move back to their provinces, but we are collecting all their information and we will send their information to the missionaries in that area. All of our progressing investigators are doing well. We are doing our best to make sure that they keep progressing. We have been focusing on finding through the members this past week, and because of this, we have a brand new teaching pool of referrals from our members.

     The Ether District is doing well. Overall, I was pleased with the results of the missionaries in this district the last couple months. There were no major problems that occurred, and the missionaries appeared to be working hard and fulfilling their callings. The missionaries in this district are starting to baptize a lot more. The Kaypian Elders had three baptisms last Saturday, and the Francisco Homes Sisters also had a baptism last Saturday. The Elders and Sisters are expecting a lot more baptisms in upcoming months. I am very thankful for the opportunity I had to work with the Elders and Sisters in this district. 

So we had an interesting things happen last week. On Friday night President called and asked to talk to me. President said there was missionary getting Emergency Transferred, He asked me if I would be this Elder's companion for the next transfer. And I said yes. He told me this Elder has had a lot of problems with his last companion and they had a big fight. He told me I need to help this missionary be more obedient, patient, and hard working. He told me that Elder Mahinay would be transferring and this Elder getting ET would be my new companion. Oh no. Here we go again.

So the next day Elder Mahinay and I went and picked up the Elder. His name is Elder Ricafort. He is a very big Filipino. He looks like a Polynesian. He is nice Elder. But there are a few things that need to be improved. But I know this a calling from Our Heavenly Father, so I am excited for the opportunity to learn and grow. And to also help this Elder grow.  

  So Elder Mahinay is heading out to Novaliches!   I am very thankful for the opportunity I had to work with Elder Mahinay. Elder Mahinay is a great elder and has a very bright future in front of him. He is a very hard worker. He likes to just get out there and teach people. He has been a very good example for me the last couple months. I am very thankful I had the privilege to work with him. 

Overal, another great transfer! Our area and work is really progressing! I am ready to start another fun transfer! Thanks for all the prayers. Be safe in New Mexico! Love you all!

Mahal ko kayo

Elder Nielsen

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