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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Temple Runnin'

Sorry. I have slagged off a little bit on my pictures. But I will send some today.

Here are some pretty parts in my area. 

Another week already? Time just flies. We had another great week last week. Michael was finally baptized last Saturday. Baptism has been his goal for a long time, but there were many situations and concerns that had to be resolved before he could be baptized. He was very thrilled to finally enter the waters of baptism after so much anticipation. We are very proud of him and his desire to follow the example of Jesus Christ through baptism. We know his decision to be baptize will effect his kids and family for many generations to come. Brother Arnold is no longer smoking cigarettes. He was finally able to stop smoking last week. When he first started, he was smoking twenty cigarettes everyday. He slowly cut down on the amount of cigarettes he was smoking, until he finally stopped. We are so proud of him and his willingness to give up such an addictive behavior in order to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. While we were helping him smoking, we showed him a little math problem. We showed him how much money he was spending on cigarettes everyday, every week, every month, and every year. After one year of not buying cigarettes, he would save over 16,000 pesos. We explained to him that he could save so much money if he would quit smoking. He agreed with us, and was really excited to save this large amount of money. We explained to him that he must live the Word of Wisdom for four weeks before he can be baptized. He said he is willing to wait and live the Word of Wisdom the rest of his life in order to be baptized. Brother Elbert attended church again for third time. We taught him yesterday about the Word of Wisdom and he confessed to us that he had a problem with smoking. He said he was smoking one or two sticks everyday. However, he committed to live the Word of Wisdom. He told that he will not smoke anymore. We re-extended his baptism to August 27. All our other investigators are still slowly progressing, but we are stilling building up their testimonies of the Gospel and solving their concerns. 

It has been a good last few weeks of work. Elder Ricafort is really buying in and we are working hard together. He said he is starting to enjoy missionary work. That is the key, you have to focus on the people you are teaching and make it fun. We enjoy the work and we are workin' our tails off here. 

So about the picture I just sent. I feel like I am in the game Temple Run. The area looks just like temple run. Green, mossy, old brick ruins, and TONS of stairs. There are literally so many stairs here. You are either going up stairs or down stairs. It is a really good workout for the legs. My companion is still struggling a bit in the area because it is so steep. He always says the President exiled him. And put him in this area to teach him and punish him. hahha

But everything is going great. I love my ward, my area, and companion. The work here is great. I love it. It is hard work, but sooo worth it. I hope I am still in this area when we see the fruits of our labors.

I love you all! Have a great week! Chose the Right and return with Honor! 


Elder Nielsen

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