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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, July 4, 2016

ROUND 2 *ding*

We had another great week this week. Our investigators are continuing to progress. Brother Arnold is now only smoking 8 cigarettes a day, and has attended church six times. Brother Michael has went to church seven times, and is preparing for his baptism on the 23rd of July. Sister Stephanie is a new investigator that we found two weeks ago. Stephanie is a close friend of some of our recent converts. We have been teach Stephanie with our recent converts. She has attended church twice. Charlie and Lilia are neighbors of one of our recent covert families. Charlie and Lilia both have problems smoking, but after we taught the Word of Wisdom to them they said they would quit smoking. Sister Lilia has not smoked since, and Brother Charlie is now only smoking 5 cigarettes a day, instead of 20. We are very happy with the progression we are seeing with our investigators. 

The Ether District is doing very well. There were no concerns or problems reported from the missionaries this week. Sister Rantayo and Sister Gacayan have a baptism this Saturday. Elder Relita and Elder Hughes have three upcoming baptism this weekend. Elders Samante and Tagulao have a baptismal candidate that needs to be interviewed this week. They will also have a baptism next week. The missionaries in the Ether District are all doing well. They are all getting excited for transfers next week. I am actually very impressed with my district. They are killing it right now. They are all getting really high numbers. I don't think I a did a single thing to help them, but they are doing really well right now. Last week that had some of their best numbers. 

Our ward seemed very excited about our new mission goal of weekly baptisms. Last night, we had a member-missionary fireside in order to get the members more involved in member-missionary work. The fireside was very successful. Every member that attended the fireside wrote down the name of one of their friends that they think we be willing to listen to our message. After the meeting, the members gave us the pieces of papers with their referrals on it. 

ONE YEAR NA! That is crazy, yesterday was my year mark. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was leaving the airport. This year has been kinda of a blur. I have learned lots of things in this last year. A lot about myself. But overall, in boxing terms, I think I lost the first round. I think I got hit more than I swang back this year. I got hit with culture shock, Tagalog, training, some callings, disobedient missionaries ect. But now I fill like I am starting to fight back. I am starting to understand the flow of everything and everything is just getting so much easier. I am excited for this next half of my mission. This is where missionary work gets fun! I have endured the hardest part of my mission, and now I just get to enjoy the next year. This will be my best year in teaching. I am determined to give it all I have. "Let's get ready to Ruuuumble.."   Round 2 *DING*

It has just been another busy fun week. Elder Mahinay and I get along really well. We have a lot of fun together. But he will most likely get transferred next week. By the way, My email will be on Tuesday next week. 

I love my mission. It is hard work and it is always so hot. But it is worth it. I want to take advantage of this precious time in my life. I know this Gospel is True. I love all you. thank you for all the letters and prayers. I hope you are all doing well! And HAPPY JULY 4TH! :) 

Mahal ko po kayo

Elder Nielsen

Ps. 3 people that I was teaching with Elder Alcala in Camrin last transfer, just got baptized yesterday! I am so happy for them! 

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