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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fighting Against the Adversary

We had another great week last week. Our investigators are continuing to progress and are moving towards their baptisms. We are also starting to find and teach new investigators by using the recent converts in our area. The newly baptized members are now starting to invite their friends to listen to our message. We are still searching for our next "Espiritu Family", a family which is prepared to hear our message and are willing to act and keep our commitments. We know that they are out there, so we are doing our best to listen and follow the quiet promptings of the Spirit in order to find them. 

We had an interesting experience last night that I would like to share. Two weeks ago Elder Perkins and I talked to this happy looking man that was walking down the street in the rain. He was a little shocked and intrigued when he met two Americans that were out walking around happily in the rain and while speaking Tagalog to each other,  so he decided to listen us. After we gave a little overview of our message he invited us to visit his house and to teach him and his wife. We came back on the scheduled day and had a powerful first discussion with them. We then came back a second time and taught them more about the Book of Mormon. They committed to be baptized if/when they knew the Book of Mormon is true. After the lesson, Elder Perkins and I talked about how we really felt that they would progress. We stopped by their house a few more times, but they were gone every time we visited. Then last night, we were finally able to teach them again. 

In our lesson with them last night the wife opened up some concerns that she had been thinking about. She told us about all the hard things that had happened to their family in the last week since the time her family read and prayed about the Book of Mormon. She told us her mother had a stroke, her husband's boss (who also wanted to listen to our message, and was planning on going to church with them) got in a motorcycle accident, their eldest son was sick all week with a fever, they started to have financial problems because somehow there was a problem with the husband's paycheck. She told us that all of things thing have happened since they read and prayed about the Book of Mormon. She then said something along the lines of, "Perhaps this is God answering our prayers, that we should not listen to your message." Elder Narciso and I testified about how finding the truth is not an easy process and how Satan or the Adversary of God's perfect plan did not want them to find out the truth. The Spirit filled their house as we testified of the truthfulness of our message. At the end of the lesson they committed to us that they would read the Book of Mormon every night for the next week. 

This experience reminded me about Joseph Smith's first vision. Before Joesph Smith received an answer to his prayer, his faith was also tested, and Satan did everything he could to prevent Joseph from receiving his answer and understanding the truth. Satan knows our potential in this life. And he will do everything in his power to keep us from reaching our divine potential and receiving answers to our prayers. We also think that Satan knows the potential of this family and he is doing everything in his power to prevent this family from coming to the truth. But, we know that Satan cannot dwell in places where there is light or where the Spirit dwells, so we know if they read the Book of Mormon every night, their house will be filled with the Spirit.

Last week was a very busy week. We had tons of meeting and workshops we had to give. We had to figure out transfer plans for all the missionaries. We had to prepare for MLC. It was quite hectic. I feel like Dad when he is running around in April trying to get all the taxes send off. It was a little stressful because I didn't have Elder Perkins here reminding me of things and helping me. We were on our own. But it all went surprisingly well. We were able to get everything finished without any problems.Tender Mercies! 

On Thursday night we had 2 hours to prepare a workshop about the Atonement for the MLC that was on the next day. So we spent our first hour digging through the scriptures and reading everything we could about the Atonement. Then the next hour we threw everything together and made our workshop. I learned so much from preparing our workshop. The Atonement truly is a gift. I will send you our little outline we made. I encourage you to do your own little study about the infinite and everlasting Atonement of Jesus Christ. And also, our workshop went great. We received many complements. 

General Conference was GREAT, I learned a lot. I loved all the talks, especially the ones in the Priesthood session. I don't have enough time to writ about all the things I liked, maybe next week. 

Have a Great week! Mom and Dad good luck in Peru, and make sure to remember your only favorite boy that hasn't received birthday or Christmas presents in the past few years as your are doing your souvenir shopping.. ;) Have a great time! And enjoy your trip! Love you all! 


Elder Nielsen

PS> HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY CHE CHE! You are getting soo old! Joke lang ;) 

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