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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Tripod is Over.

We had another great week this week. We saw a major improvement with the part-member families that we are teaching. The Aquino family came to church again on Sunday, but this time their older daughter was able to come also. She is still in college, and her college is far from their home, so she is normally not at their house. However, this weekend her daughter did not have class so she was able to visit home for the weekend and go to church with her family. She is also interested and wants to be taught. We are excited for the progression that the Aquino family is showing. Melva and her son M-Bong also attended church on Sunday. Unfortunately, Brother JR was not able to attend due to his work. We are still helping JR and Melva fill out and notarize their marriage papers in preparation for their upcoming wedding. Their baptism is scheduled for the last week in October. 

We have really seen the power and effectiveness of teaching and finding part-member families. After hearing President Bertin's workshop from last zone conference about using all the different finding techniques, Elder Perkins and I really started focusing on using all of the different finding techniques. And because of this new change in our finding we have started focusing more on the part-members in our area.  We now have five or six part-member families that we are focusing on and teaching. Some of those families are starting to progress and went to church on Sunday. And last night, we able to find two new part-member families that are willing to listen to our lessons. 

And I also have some exciting and sad news, Elder Perkins is heading out of the office. He will go serve his last few transfers as ZL in Kalookan. Kalookan is really struggling right now, and there have been many missionaries send home for disobedience. So he is excited for the upcoming challenge before he goes home. And my new companion is.... Elder Narciso! He is a really nice and smart Filipino. I like him a lot. He was actually our Kabahay (house mate), so he was living with us serving as a ZL, but now he has been called to serve in a new calling in the office. He was called last week, and has been working with us for the past week. So we were in a tripod or three-some all week. But, this now means I will have to train him in the office. I feel like I still need to be trained.. but I will do my best. I have to show him all the computer things, workshops, ect. But he is smart and will pick it up real fast. We will do great! 

I am very thankful for the opportunity that I had to be companions with Elder Perkins. He is honestly one of my favorite companions, and I feel like I have learned the most from him. He has taught me to work more effectively with members by just stopping by their house a few times a week just to say hello and see how they are doing. He has also taught me how to be a little more creative in my teaching and to focus more on the people we are teaching and not the lesson we are trying to teach. He is truly a great missionary. And with that, I am very excited to work with Elder Narciso. I have only seen and heard good things about him. He has such a big heart and really cares about the people that he is teaching. I am very excited to see what work the Lord has prepared for us, and the work we can accomplish in the upcoming months. 

That is pretty much it. Just staying busy and teaching the Gospel with other great people. That last transfer just flew bye. When you are having fun and loving what you do, the time flies. I am verrrry excited for next week's General Conference. I have reviewed most of the talks from last April in anticipation for this one. I am very excited to her the Lord speak to us through his chosen servants. 

Have a wonderful week! Be safe in Peru! I love all of you lots!


Elder Nielsen 

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