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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, November 14, 2016

Softening Hearts

We had another great week last week. We had a successful week with teaching our investigators last week. We feel that their faith and testimonies are growing with each of our visits. We have many investigators that are right on the verge of being fully committed. These investigators have attended church once or twice and are reading from the Book of Mormon in between our teaching visits, but we feel that there is still just something lacking in their commitment. We are going to help them focus on receiving their personal witness that what we are teaching is true. If and when they know of the divinity of the Book of Mormon and our message for themselves we believe that they we be fully committed and willing to make changes in their lives in order to follow the Savior and be baptized. 

We have a few investigators that are preparing for baptism. The Aquino family and the Yaon family. The Aquino family is a part-member family that Elder Perkins and I found. The mother and father were less actives when we met them, but now they have returned and are now attending church again. One of their daughters, Christine, has been to church 4 or 5 times and is ready to be baptized. Unfortunately, Christine has been pretty busy with her schooling lately and we have not been able to teach her. But, we are planning to stop by there tonight and see where things are at.

The Yaon family was another less-active family that we found. Before their father was an unemployed drunkard that did not really like the missionaries. However, through our constant visit and reaching and fellow-shipping to him the Holy Ghost has softened his heart. He has now attended church 4 times consecutively and is reading in the Book of Mormon and is participating in our discussions. It has been rather miraculous watching his conversion take place. He still is not quite there. He still has problem with drinking, but the Holy Ghost has entered into his life and house and is slowing softening his heart and converting him. One of their sons is also preparing for his upcoming baptisms. 

Another fun story about less-actives. I had a less active father that I was working with back in my old area in SJDM. He had a big Word of Wisdom and testimony concern. We committed, testified, promised blessings, the whole ten yards, but he would still not go to church. In my 3 months of serving ins SJDM he did not attend church once. But lo behold, one day while working in our area here I saw him here in Camarin. He is currently staying with his daughter and son-in-law, who are both active. We were able to teach him again. We taught him about the Sacrament and the Atonement and committed him to come to church. Well, he came to church last week. The first time in over 20 years! And he came to church again yesterday. It is amazing watching the Lord perform miracles in His work.  

Well, another transfer has come and gone. We will be having transfers again on Wednesday. The time has just been flying by. It is a little overwhelming at times. 

Elder Narciso is a great missionary. I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to be his companion. He is a wonderful example to me. He has really helped me improve my Tagalog and my teaching skills over the last few weeks. It truly is a blessing to be able to work with him in this area. I am excited to serve with him for another transfer. 

Another little fun story. About two months ago Amber sent me a talk by David A. Bednar entitled   " Reservoir of Living Water" . It was a great talk about how to study and obtain "living water". Well, I really like this talk and I read it a few times. And so for every weekly office meeting ( a meeting we have with all the senior couples and President every week to plan for the upcoming week ) we have a spiritual thought. I decided to talk about the blessing of studying the scriptures, and used and quoted that talk that Amber gave me. Well, apparently the office like the talk, so President sent the talk out to the whole mission. And their will be a assigned topic district meeting on it. So good job Am Bam! You inspired our whole mission ;) 

Also, today we traveled to Montalban zone. A pretty mountainous area. And while we traveled we listed to "Discovery the Lands of the Book of Mormon" by Dr john Lund. Wow. It was a great CD! I learned sooo much! I believe I could now accurately tell you where the Book of Mormon took place and the proof behind it. It was a really interesting talk. If you are traveling anywhere in the near future I would advise you to download it and listen to it. I really learned a lot. 

I think that is it! Have a super week! I love all of you!


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Elder Nielsen 

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