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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving with the Cuuuz

Hello Family! 

We had another great week last week. Christine and Ryan's baptism went very well. There were many members that were able to attend the baptism. All of Ryan's family was able to attend his baptism. Kristine's parents and sibling were also able to attend her baptismal service. It was wonderful baptismal service. The talks and testimonies that were shared were very sincere and powerful. We are very happy for both of them and their families. 

One family that has really started to progress is the Santo-Domingo family. They have attended church for two consecutive Sundays. They have a very sweet family that is earnestly seeking for the truth. They are very willing to learn and keep our commitments in order to receive their answer. Their adorable  young daughters love to attend primary and to be with the other children. Brother and Sister Santo-Domingo really like how family-centered the church is. They want to raise their children in a spiritual and safe environment and home. We believe this family is getting closer and closer everyday to recognizing the answers to their prayers about this church.

This week, I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Magpili, Elder Sajulga, and Elder Articulo. 

Elder Magpili is an intelligent elder. He works hard and is humble and obedient. I thought he did a good job teaching the doctrine in our lessons, and not only that, but teaching the doctrine simply and clearly.  He also did a good job of using the scriptures while he taught. The only thing I felt that was lacking from Elder Magpili's teaching is energy. I felt like he could have been a little more energetic and enthusiastic in his teaching and finding. I know that is a little bit out of Elder Magpili's comfort zone, but I believe that energy could play a very crucial part in his teaching.

Elder Sajulga is good missionary. He is nice and friendly to all those whom he meets. He teaching skills are little above average. On our exchanges, he talked to many people which I thought was good. I thought he was a little too laid back and could be a little upbeat while  working and finding. But overall , he is a very good missionary.

Elder Articulo is a gifted missionary. He is very friendly and outgoing. He always has a big smile on his face. He loves to OYM and talk to and meet new people. I was impressed by his teaching. I thought he was a very effective teacher. He did a very good job teaching people not lessons. He had special way of relating to each person that we taught. I think Elder Articulo 
could be a little more doctrinal based in his teaching. And also, he needs to not use his cell phone while teaching. I noticed that a few times in the lessons he would check his cell phone or text back. If he will avoid the temptation of checking his cell phone throughout the lessons, he will be an even better teacher.

I really did not celebrate Thanksgiving.. But we did have a little desert fest at night. And Elder Snyder did cook a special recipe/rendition of peach cobbler for us at night. Which wasn't too shabby. We also had smores, ice cream, and other little candies.  So Thanksgiving was still a success. And guess who came over for exchanges that day, yes, that is right, Elder Nightingale. Who is now a zone leader. Unfortunately, we were not companions. However, we did spend the holidays together! He is a very nice and goofy kid. I really like him a lot. Every time we see each other we just call each other "cuuz" (short for cousin). 

Overall a very busy week! I ran out of time today, but next week I will tell you more about the surprises, ect from my birthday.

Thanks for all you do! Loooove you all! 

ginagugma taka,

Elder Nielsen 

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