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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Starting from Scratch

The ZOO!

This is just a little sample of the pictures. It was by far the biggest zoo that I have ever been to. The tigers were the two tigers that kept trying to attack us. 

We had another great week last week. Though our week did not quite turn out like we had planned, we still witnessed many miracles in our area. Last week, we really focused on finding and teaching investigators. Currently, we do not have any investigators that are truly working towards baptism, so we focused on finding instigator families that live near active members. Our prayers were answered because we were able to find few investigator families that live very close to active members. However, our prayers were truly answered in ways that we were not expecting nor anticipating. Our Father in Heaven answered our prayers by sending less-active/part-families to us. 

The first less-active/part-member family that found us was the Castillo family. We met Sister Castillio last week while we were ironically searching for less-actives from the CMIS list. At some point Elder Peterson and I took a wrong turn and ended up on a block that we were not planning to be on. We stopped at a few houses and asked if they knew the family that we were searching for, but they all said that they did not recognize the family's name. Then we noticed a women standing on the other side of the street. She smiled at us, and asked who we were looking for. We explained that we were looking for members of our church, to which she replied that she was also a member of our church. We introduced ourselves and got to know her a little better. She said, that she and her husband were members and they used to go church in their province. But, she said, that when they moved to Montalban they did not know where the chapel was located and they were too shy to go to church because they did not know anyone in the ward. We were able to teach Sister Castillo on that day, and we were able to come back and teach Brother Castillio last Saturday. Later tonight, we have a return appointment to come and teach their whole family, including their three children that are not yet members.

The second less-active/part-member family we met was at church yesterday. This family also found us. Sister Belen and her two daughters, Grace and Jasmine, attended church yesterday. It was the first time they have attended church since they moved to Montalban last May. They told us they felt like they needed to start attending church again. We were able to get their address and visit them last night. We taught their whole family of 6. Including their non-member father. We had a very powerful lesson with them, and they invited us to come back on Wednesday and teach them again. 

I know in the Lord's work there are no "wrong turns" or coincidences. Everything is carefully planned out and guided by our loving Father in Heaven. I know that he will lead us to them or he will lead them to us. 

Another cool story. Last Friday we had to go to the mission of office because Elder Peterson had a skype call with one of the doctors from the MTC. For some reason we both thought it was at the Mission Home because that is where Elder Peterson did it last time. So we went to the mission home at 10:00 am. (His appointment was at 10:30) President was meeting with a missionary in his office so we were just waiting and talking to Sister Bertin. But, fo some reason something just seemed a little off. So we were prompted to reread the text that Elder Peterson received, and it turns out that we had to go to Mission OFFICE. Which was about a 30-60 minute jeepney ride away! So we thought Oh NOO! We told Sister Bertin that we were in the wrong place and we all jump into her car and she dropped us at the nearest jeepney place. We literally jumped on a jeepney that was heading out right when we got there. We made killer time and got there in 20 minutes. WE were able to coordinate on the phone with office Elders to get everything set up. So we ran in the Mission Office at 10:25. And he was able to start his skype appointment right on time. If he would've been late he would have missed his appointment. So it was a miracle that we were both prompted to reread the test and that we were able to get to the mission office in such short time. It was kinda cool!

Thanks for everything Fam!!! Have a wonderful week! Love you all lots! 

Mahal ko Kayo,

Elder Nielsen 

P.S. This is a nice little letter that President sent me last week. 
I am happy that you are settling in your new area and assignment. This sound to be going well with Elder Peterson. As you start using various proselyting approaches, remember to casually explain them to the Zone Leaders and other missionaries. Always think about teaching the others new approaches, tricks, methods and doctrine. Thanks for working to lift where you stand. P. Bertin

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