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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, January 23, 2017

Take 2: "Climbing in the Rain..."

We had another great week last week. Elder Perterson and I focused last week on finding "the elect". After reviewing our week, we believe we accomplished our goal. The first two elect sisters that we found last week was Sister Christine and Sister Chat. Sister Christine was a person that we OYMed two weeks ago. She told us that her best friend while growing up was a Mormon. She told us that she attended church many times with her best friend. She agreed to listen to our message, but she was just about to leave, so she invited us to come back a week later when she would be home again. We returned the following week, but she was not home. We stopped by her house again yesterday, and she was home. We were then able to share the message of the Restoration to them. It was a wonderful lesson. They asked many questions during the discussion, and at the end of the lesson, they committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.  

The third elect sister that we found is Sister Ronna. Sister Ronna was also someone we talked to while OYMing. She also allowed us to teach her the message of the Restoration. She told us that she has seen many missionaries before, and has always wondered what they were doing. She said, that this was the first time that she was able to talk with them. We also had a good lesson one discussion with her. And yesterday, Sister Ronna attended church. We know that the Lord is placing prepared sons and daughters in our paths. 

Our less active finding has also been very successful. Elder Peterson and I have found many less active families in our area. We have been teaching them and have been trying to gain their trust. We also have been working with the ward trying to assign home and visiting teacher to those newly found or moved in less actives. 

Today, we had a cool district meeting activity. We made distinct t-shirts and made waffle ice cream desert thingies. (Waffles, with ice cream on top, with many different kinds of toppings) Then we made spray paint district shirts. They turned out really cool! I will send pictures next week, my card reader is not working! 

A fun story. So last night, we had just finished teaching a lesson and we were heading home. It was starting to rain pretty hard and it was getting close to curfew. But there were NO tricycles that were going to our subdivision. We waited and waited. Nothing. We decided to get on another tricycle that would take us to the subdivision right next to ours. Our plan was to just walk through this little gate area that connected the two subdivision. We arrived there, soaking wet, and the gate was LOCKED. We had two options: 1. walk alllll the way around the huge subdivision and get home at like 10:30 or 2. we could jump the huge fence. We chose the second option. Just imagine two white missionaries jumping a 15 foot gate/fence that had sharp points on top, with a little bob wire and broken glass bits (to keep people from jumping over it) at 9:20 at night in the pouring rain. We were trying to be super quite so nobody would see us. It was pretty sctechy.. But luckily, we were both experience fence climbers and were able to manage despite the slippery surface. It was quite the experience. If I ever get thrown in prison at least I know my fence jumping skills are adequate. 

Other than that, it has been another pretty normal week. Good old missionary work!
Enjoy the weather! It is getting even hotter over here. The hot season is coming up... But you gotta love it!

Have a great week! Love you all!


Elder Nielsen 

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