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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, March 20, 2017

Heart-Felt Hellos and Heart-Wrenching Goodbyes

Well, well well. This week will be a week for the journal. So many great things have happened this week.,

First off, we went to the temple on Thursday to attend the Endowment sessions of Sister Lourdes Faustina and Sister Paraiso. It was wonderful! We met the whole Malolos ward at the temple. They all surprisingly remembered me! We all exchanged hellos and stories for a while outside the temple. It was great to see some of my recent converts and less actives that are now completely active and temple worthy. Then we went inside and waited for our session. It was a wonderful and exciting time! It was a sweet day that I remember for the rest of my life. 

Yesterday, was transfer announcements and I was informed that Elder Peterson and I were both transferring..( pull out/ open area)  I was so shocked! I did not want to transfer and I was not supposed to transfer. ( President told me in my interview a week earlier that I would stay in this area. ) Ahhhh I was so sad! I did not want leave our investigators that just started progressing! Our ward and area has finally turned around and is progressing and now we have to leave it behind. It is so sad. So last night we went around and informed all of our investigators and members that we were both transferring. It was rough, I loved this ward and area so much! 

My new area will be in Minuyan. One of the prettiest and farthest areas in our mission. I will be companions with Elder Richard ( a very talented and young missionary) and we will be the zone leaders in that area. 

President called me this morning and talked to me about why I was getting transferred. He said that he sent me to Montalban to be with Elder Peterson and help the ward and zone progress. He said that I fulfilled and completed that assignment and he felt that I needed to complete one more assignment before I go home. He said the Minuyan ward and Elder Richard needs a good "mentor" and I could help. The APs told me that it was a very last minute decision. ( which means it was definitely revelation, all of President's last minute decisions are always based on revelation ) So I am excited to help. I am willing to go wherever the Lord wants to send me. 

I will definitely miss all of our wonderful progressing investigators, Kristine, Chat, Richard, Jess, Veronica, Vermila, Juvie Ann, and Rhea, Rujello Jaber, Marifosa and all the others. 

It has been a wonderful opportunity to serve in the San Rafael Ward. I have learned many valuable lessons from my short time here in this area. I have truly learned what converted investigators look, act and sound like. Elder Peterson and I were blessed to have been able to witness and observe the conversion process occur in some of our progressing investigators. We have seen them experience a mighty change of heart and completely change their attitudes, habits, and beliefs because of the impart the Restored Gospel had upon their lives. It is heart wrenching to leave right before their baptisms and the their family member's future baptisms, but I know Heavenly Father has a plan for us and them and that they will continue to progress with the new elders in this ward. 

Elder Weeks and Elder Frias (the incoming elders)  will have a great experience here in San Rafael. The ward is starting to feel the missionary spirit  and is beginning to give referrals to the missionaries. We have recorded all the names, addresses, and numbers of the ward members, newly found less actives, and new and progressing investigators for them. I am very confident that they will be able to finish the work that Elder Peterson and I started. 

I am also very thankful for the opportunity that I had to serve with Elder Peterson. He is a great missionary and has a very bright future. I admire his burning desire to share and preach the gospel with all those that he comes in contact with. He loves to learn and study the gospel and is always striving to improve in every aspect of missionary work. I have truly enjoyed and cherished our time together her in San Rafael. I have learned many valuable lessons from Elder Peterson and I am thankful I was able to serve along side him these last two transfers.  

Tomorrow I head out for new territory and adventures in Minuyan. The work goes on!

I love you all! I hope you have an amazing week! Love you all!


Elder Nielsen 

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