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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Welcome to Minuyan Ward!

We had a great week last week. Elder Richards is helping me familiarize myself with the area and is introducing me to all the members and investigators. I am doing my best to learn and remember all the names, addresses, and statuses of all the people whom we are teaching in this area. With the help of Elder Richards, I am slowly, but surely beginning to learn my way around our area. 

Elder Richards and I believe this area has a lot of potential and with concerted effort it will progress. Our goal is 20 baptisms before i leave. We had a baptism last Saturday so that means we only have 19 to go!  There are many members who are excited about doing missionary work and are willing to fellowship and pick up investigators to help them go to church. I have already developed a pretty good relationships with the ward members ( The Filipinos are easy to please, a few cheesy and corny jokes and they love you! haha )  Elder Richards and I want to take advantage of the ward's excitement to do missionary work, and we plan to utilize the members in our proselyting. 

The ward I am in has been split twice. Currently, our ward is pretty small because it was just spit last February so we are still in the growing process. Our goal is to fill the chapel with investigators and returned less actives.

The SJ North zone is doing well. At this point, we have no concerns or problems in the zone. Our zone is filled with wonderful missionaries and we are excited to see all the accomplishments this zone can achieve in the upcoming months. 

Elder Richards is a great companion. We get along great. He is a South Jordan boy. He is a Bingham Miner and played basketball, baseball and football in high school. We are about the same size. We are pretty much the same type of person; big, athletic, and like to crack jokes. We will have a great time together.  I am thankful for this opportunity that I have to work with him and to be his companion. I know I will learn a lot of valuable lessons from him.

Overall, it has been a great week. I am finally unpacked, and now I ready to go! Our plan is just to hit the streets and baptize. So we will see how it goes! 

Have a wonderful week! Have fun in Hollywood Sum Sum! Carly, you just watch where you are pointing the barrel! ( "Icky, put the pea-shooter down..!" )

Love you all! 

Mahal ko kayong lahat,

Elder Nielsen 

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