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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Teachin' Teachers

We had another great week last week. The number of investigators attending church is increasing weekly. On Sunday, we had five investigators attend church for their first time. Sister Veronica and Sister Vermila are twenty-seven year old identical twin teachers ( they look like the same person, it is so funny ), that we found through OYMing about a month ago, and on Sunday they were able to attend for the first time. We visited them last night, and they said, that they really enjoyed Sacrament meeting and the other classes they attended on Sunday. They will be out of town this weekend, but they said that, they will go to church again next weekend. 

Sister Reya and Sister Jovie Anne are also newly found investigators that we are teaching. Sister Jovie Anne was a referral from an active member. They are also teachers, and they coincidentally are co-teachers and good friends with Vermila and Veronica. On Sunday, they all attended church for all three hours. They are very outgoing and intelligent, and they participated a lot in the classes. They all enjoyed their time at church and want to go to church again. 

Brother Richard and Sister Jess attended church for their third consecutive time on Sunday. Their testimonies, especially Richard's, have grown dramatically in the last week. Brother Richard received a Gospel Doctrine manual last week on Sunday, and by Thursday, the same week, he had already finished reading the entire manual. In the past, Brother Richard normally drank about ten cups of coffee everyday, however, last week we taught him the Word of Wisdom, and he has not drunk a single cup of coffee since. 

The Lehi district is also doing well. Elder Estoque and Elder Price are still struggling trying get investigators to go to church. However, they have had companionship studies and discussions about what they need to change or do in order to help their investigators attend church. Sister Aldemita and Sister Sheets are getting a lot of ward support and referrals, and are working hard. Sister Freeze and Sister Seuifalmeua are doing okay. As a companionship, I do not feel they are the most unified, but every time I ask their Kabahays about them, they say they are doing okay together. 

Overall, everything is going great! The area is starting to progress and flourish. Except, there is one problem... transfers are next week and Elder Peterson is most likely going to be transferred.. NOO! The reason why I am emailing today is because we have temple P-day this week and zone interviews, and in my interview with President he practically told me that Elder Peterson is going to be transferred. He thanked me for all my help, and said that Elder Peterson has really grown and is doing a lot better, however, he said it is time for Elder Peterson to move on and progress in his mission. We were having so much fun together! It will be sad to see him leave next week!

Also, I have very excited news. Elder Peterson and I are going to the temple tomorrow to attend the endowment of Sister Lourdes Parisyo.Lourdes is the person that I OYMed back in October 2015. She got baptized, the week I got transferred. Now, she is teaching the doctrinal principles class in her ward and tomorrow she is going to the temple to be endowed and we get to attend. Practically her whole family is baptized now! What a blessing!

Have a wonderful week! Love you all!


Elder Nielsen 

This is our posterity picture. Elder Godinez, Me, Elder Gurtiza. Elder Mariano and Elder Slade ( Elder Gurtiza's two sons), Elder Bastilong (son of Elder Mariano). And the other American in front, he is Elder Godinez brother, Elder Egbert's second son!

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