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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Binyag in da' Bank!

We had another great week last week. On Saturday night, we had the privilege to watch Ronalyn be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Her whole family was able to attend and view her baptismal service. Soon to follow Ronalyn's baptism are the baptisms of her family members, as soon as we figure out and solve a few marriage concerns. Ronalyn and her family have drastically changed from our first visit with them up until this point. It has been an exciting conversion process to observe. 

On Sunday morning, Sister Trisha and Brother John Rey were found worthy and eligible for their baptisms, and as a result they passed their baptismal interviews. There baptismal service will be held this upcoming Saturday. We are very proud of them and the steps they have taken to prepare themselves for their baptisms. We know that baptism is only the gateway and beginning of their lifetime journey as disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Our ward and area are both showing signs of progression. I believe we are gaining the trust of the members here in our ward. As we continue to gain their trust, they will be more open and willing to give us member referrals. 

The past few weeks our finding efforts have proven to be successful. We are currently teaching a family that was taught by the missionaries back in 2014. Their daughter has been attending church for about a month, and last week, we finally were able to contact and teach her family. Their family is very receptive and is keeping all our commitments that we have extended to them. On Monday night, their family accepted a baptismal date and committed to attend church services this Sunday. 

Last week was a little hectic. We had an Emergency Transfer last week. We had an elder doing some things he was not supposed to do, but President could't meet with him because he went to a three-day Mission President's Seminar. He instructed us to to go on exchanges with companionship until he could get back and interview them. So we had like a two-day exchange with them. It was quite the experience. Super busy. 

The SJ North Zone is better now. Elder Stephens ( the replacement) has adjusted and adapted to his new environment, companion, and ward. He is a super nice kids from West Fork. He is a die-hard archery hunter, so I have had a lot of fun talking to him about hunting and archery. He has given me some hints on what binoculars I should by when I get home (hint hint..). The Sister missionaries in our Zone are continuing to work hard and have been having a lot of success in terms of having investigators at church and baptisms. Elder Rasmussen has had and is still currently having some medical issues with his face. Elder Rasmussen has had a few boils form on his face, which has caused him severe irritation and swelling He hasn't been able to work effectively the past two days. Besides the boils and a few sore throats and colds, our Zone is doing very well. 

Elder Sacay is a great missionary. He is very thoughtful and teaches very powerfully. He is patient with others and is really easygoing. I am thankful for the opportunity I have to be able to serve with him. 

This last week was a busy one. And the upcoming weeks are going to be even busier because we have MLC, Zone Conference, SRT Training and X-Rays, and transfer announcements! Hold on to your caps folks, It is going to be a bumpy ride!  

Have a wonderful week!

Ay ay Atin ka

Elder Nielsen 

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