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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mother's Birthday and Mother's Day

Kristine's Baptism

We had another great week last week. We were a little busy last week due to MLC and transfers, but overall we had a successful week and accomplish a lot. Sister Ronalyn passed her baptismal interview last week, so her baptism will be held this coming Saturday. Ronalyn's mother, Sister Corizon, has also been attending church for the last month, and yesterday, she brought one of her friends that she has been joining in during our discussions. Unfortunately, Sister Corizon and her husband are not married, so there are a few marriage matters we need to sort through before she can be baptized. However, we have set a goal date for her and her husband and she is her preparing to be baptize in June. 

The number of less actives attending church consistently increases every week. We have seen and are currently seeing many miracles with the less actives in our area.  

The SJ North Zone is doing fine. The key indicators reports this week were a little low due to transfer week, however, we anticipate that the totals will increase by the end of next week. Elder Edholm and Elder Ouabe are struggling a little bit in there area because they are basically opening area in the Francisco Homes Ward. They are unfamiliar and unacquainted with the members, less actives, and recent converts in their area. To help them and their area, we have set a half-day exchange with them on Wednesday, since I have served in that area and know all the members, I am going to work with them in their area and introduce them to all the members, less actives, and recent converts that live in their area. Which means.. I will see all my friends in my old area! It will be like Hannah Montana said, "You get the best of both worlds!"

Also, at MLC I was informed about all my old investigators in San Rafael. Christine and Chat are both baptized now. Their husbands and children are starting to attend church and take the missionary lessons. Sister Rhea has completely stopped going to church at her old religion ( she used to ask a lot of questions and was very very active at her church) and is now going to church weekly with Juvie ( our other investigator that is progressing) . She said she finally stopped asking questions and started reading the Book of Mormon and she felt the Truth of our message. The Twins still go to church, but have been vacationing a lot this summer. Practically everyone is still going to church and their area is progressing. They average about 10 progressing investigators every Sunday at church. It is so exciting to hear, but it is sad that I can't be there at all their baptisms. 

Overall, we had another great week. WE have been just grinding and working hard in the heat. I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to be able to work and be companions with Elder Sacay!  Thank you for all you do fam! I will call around 10:15 probably. I will just email and inform you if I am running late or if there is any changes to our plan. 

To answer your question mom, Yes, I would love to be roomies with AJ. It will be just like our old EFY days! ;) 

Ps. Che Che, 59 is not the most impressive bowling score.. It is impressive that you were able to miss that many pins! Usually, people hit more than that on accident, but you were able to miss all of the pins! hahaha maybe you should try bowling with your eyes open next time! ;) hahaha joke lang Chels!

Love you all! Have a great week!

Mahal ko kayo,

Elder Nielsen 

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