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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hello, that is my tagalog for today‏

We are no longer the "Baby Batch",we are a officially the Middle Group! The time has floooown! This week went by super fast! We got a new batch of missionaries today and it was weird thinking that was us two weeks ago! We feel like we know everything now and aren't the confused new misssionaries. But this week was a good one. We went to the temple today which was really good! It's literally right across the street from the MTC. We also get to go to the nearby stores on p-day and go shopping, so that's always an exciting time being in the "real world" and looking at all the cheap stuff at the store. The Tagalog is still coming along steadily. We learn and study so much everyday. My brain is stuff solid at the end of the day. But Elder gray gave me a cool little quote before he left; "Your Knees need to ache more than your head in order to see success in the language" meaning you have to pray pray pray for help and the gift of the tongues. I think ill just find some knee pads so I can pray even longer ;) But everything is going well. The people are so nice here. My teacher and I have gotten very close. His name is bro Arecenna. He is SUCH a good teacher. But hes super good at basketball. But i beat him at Horse so one Point for me! The spirit really helps you shoot a lot better ;) Another fun story is there is this custodian that works here and every time we pass him, he always looks and me and say " Guapo", and just shake my head and laugh and say hindi po quapo (not handsome). But we wanna talk to him and get to know him more and ask him about his religious backgrounds. So we will work on that! Hey Jacobs farewell is this week right? Tell me how that goes! I think that all i really have. Have a good week! 
Elder Nielsen. 
And to answer dads question, We play both! He's fun to play with and he is a good shooter! But we played last week against the tongans and there was this skinny 6'6 tongan that was hot headed and throwing two hand hammers down. Hes kinda disobedient, so he was getting a little chirpy and me and him were getting a little physical, It was a blast! But Elder Gray and those tongans left so basketball has kinda slowed down. I'm working on my Volleyball skills Now ;)

"Elder Gray with Elder Nielsen - keeping the Lowry/Elko rivalry alive from half way around the world!"


  1. Elder Neilsen so great to see you and doing do well. Elder Conklin has 1 week from today and will be in the MTC. We will pray for the gift of tongues for you as well. So excited to hear your successes. The church is true we do know that. Love you much The Conklins

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