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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Friday, July 10, 2015

Magandang Umaga‏

Magundang hapon pamilya ko! I don't have any emails so tell Erin to tell send me everybody's emails. B, both from cat the MTC has been great! I will first catch you up on the plane ride. So I flew to Salt Lake and had a few hour lay over so I was waiting sitting there in the airport when I met my kasama (Companion). He looked a little lost but he came up to me and was like "hey are You a missionary too?" so we talked and found out that he is going to the same mission. He helped me on all the planes and connecting flights and stuff so that was such a big blessing. His name is Elder Snyder. He is from Saint George. he is about 6'4. but we get along really well. We flew all the way to Japan and guess what dad?! The planes had complimentary meals and they were so good. We have sisters from California going to our mission. Their names are Sister Stancliffe and Sister Helwm both are from California. We also met Elder Lake, Elder Web, and Elder Hasting. We are all going to Quezon City North, So we all traveled together, spent a night in a hotel and went to the MTC the next day.

 It's a completely different world over here. The traffic and driving is sooo crazy. There is no rules and 5 lanes of traffic. Just imaging the driving in India and its like the exact same. It's so funny and crazy. They just honk and swerve into each others' lanes. But the MTC has been wonderful.My brain is always fried by the end of the day because all the language and religion and lessons we are learning. But the language is slowly but surely coming. You know how you used to know more than me dad? Not anymore! I can pray and speak tagalish in lessons. ( English with all the tagalog words I know). But I'm rooming with Elder Snyder and Elder Web ( the One from Nancy's ward). we get along sooo well. He reminds me of Weston Warrick and we always joke around with each other. And his kasama is Elder Hasting. 

I also got called to be DL in my district. There are 8 people in my district. Me and Elder Snyder, our two Quezon sisters, and 4 tongan sisters. We get along sooooo soo so well. We all talk and laugh together. And they have such rock solid testimonies.

Answers to your questions: It is hot and rainy and humid over here, but I'm already getting used to it, until we go to Gym... i sweat so much in gym.. hahaha. but is a lot of fun! And we have about 100 people in our MTC. I'll keep praying and learning. Also our pamilya needs to watch "what a missionary is" by Holland. Powerful talk. 

And also are we related to a Lee Roy Nielsen from Idaho, Edward Croft, from California? who died in World war II? we went a national war memorial today and I found those names.
Well have a good week! Tell the girls i say Hi!
Love ya'all,
Elder Nielsen.

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