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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Friday, July 24, 2015

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun
Another week down! The weeks are going by too quickly! But each week gets Better and better Than the one before! We had a lot of cool spiritual experiences this week! So the first on was on Sunday when we had our district meeting for Sunday school. Sister Coramandel who is actually from New Zealand. She told us to write letter to our family and act like we were on a plane that was about to crash and this was the last thing we could say to them. So We wrote these letters and read them to each other. Then she took them, and said the first few months they read the letters over and over. But then the months turn to years and the letter gets put on the shelf and it collects dust. Then eventually the paper gets old and ripped and nobody cares about it and useless. She related it to the scriptures and said how the scriptures are the exact same thing as our letters and stuff. And how those were people's letters and messages to their family and stuff. and she said "Don't you dare treat these holy scriptures like that. Don't leave them on the floor to get old and collect dust and rip." Sooooo powerful! Like 80% of our district was crying after the lesson. Then on Tuesday we got to watch the Testaments, only a stone cutter,and a few other short videos and they were so powerful! Everything is so much more powerful when you are a missionary. The next cool story happened in our investigator lessons, which the investigator know practically no english. But we were teaching the plan of salvation and the  investigator asked about what would happen to his child that died at 8 months old. And we forget to bring our english scriptures and only had tagalog. I knew it was in Moroni 8 but i didn't know the exact verse. I wasnt going to even try to look for it, but then I felt pretty prompted and confident i would find it. So i just kind of flipped there and was looking at the tagalog verses and my eyes got stuck on two verses 15, 17 because I saw the word bata which means young. So I took a chance and let him read those verses praying that it actually answered his questions and to our dismay it did! I was soo thankful! Listen to the spirit! Then last night we got to walk around the temple and talk to people in tagalog and practice short little messages. So we were talking to these two elderly sisters and were just asking if all their family were members. And the one said yes, but the other said her husband wasnt a member. Then she opened up and told us this story about when he was getting taught by the missionaries and had his baptismal interview and everything. But the night before he smoked again. So he never got baptised. But she says he still listens to them pray all the time and stuff. So i just felt like we should ask her his name so we could pray for him and his smoking addiction and she said his name was Vicent. And we told her we would pray for him and she was soo happy and said she would never forget us! Such a sweet lady. And pray for Vicent and his smoking addiction! That's everything I can think of! The tagalog is getting much better each week. I've been studying suuper hard! I think I get that from pops, but I'm trying to study as much as I can, My american sisters always tell me how I inspire them to work harder. My kasama I have to push to keep studying, he gets tired after studying a while. But I've memorized over like 450 root verbs this week and that helps so much. I can't conjugate the tenses properly yet because there are a lot of rules. But i'ts enough to get by. I can say like 80% of things I want in broken tagalog. But it will come, It's funny because the first week I had to ask my kasama for help in lessons because he took 4 years of Spanish and understood more than me, but now its like flipped and he asks me for help. I keep pushing him to study. study. study.
But thats about everything! Have a good week! 
Ingat ( take care)
Elder Nielsen

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