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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Friday, July 31, 2015


We are now the Senior batch and running the MTC. The time has really picked up! 

It's good to hear old Blue is worth her keep! At least she's doing something right ;) But it sounds like California was a good time for you guys! 

But this week was another good one! We went to the temple again today, so that's like our fourth trip, but it closes on Tuesday fro construction or something, so today might have been our last time for a while. But everything has gone well. We got to go proselyting this week with the missionaries which was awesome! We actually went to our mission area too so that was even cooler! But we got assigned with a companion, mine was Elder Welch and he's been out a 21 months and he is a solid missionary! So we went with him and we went to have these two lessons with two families who are inactive. So we were walking around their little streets and it was SO crazy with all the people and huts, stray dogs, and jeepinees. I embraced the "culture shock". It was so fascinating to me where and how these people live. The streets were crowded with people and mopeds and jeepinees, and little kids running up to us and giving us high fives calling us "Joe". That's what they call all american boys. But people live in these tiny little ally ways with house hut things made up of cardboard and wood. It was very humbling. But we went to one lady's house/store and sat and taught her. I could understand some phrases and words but most the lesson went over my head, but Elder Snyder and I both got to bare our testimonies and testify in our best Tagalog which was really sweet. She was so sweet and loved how hard we were trying to speak and learn her language. But then it started to rain, and pour, and pour some more! Soooo much rain hahah. It started flooding the streets and we had to walk in 6 inches of water in some places. It was awesome! We were soaked! But we had a good time. Eventually we had to go back to the church and go back to the, about MTC. It was sad having to leave. Two more weeks and I'll be out there everyday! 
But another fun story, so I've been reading in Alma lately and there's something about being a missionary that gives you crazy book of Mormon reading skills. But every time I read its like a movie. All the wars and "stratagem". But I read Alma 60 about Moroni writing the chief judge and I thought of your mission story. So I shared your story with my district and they thought it was funny. They said they could see Elder Webb and I doing that someday when we are companions. They always tell me Elder Webb is the brother I never had. And I must admit it, he does have the Nielsen clever remarks and jokes. But I think that's everything! Have a good week!
PS. You guys need to start scouting for mom and her bull elk tag. If she wants to go see Chelsea's baby in New mexico. 350 or better. A deal is a deal ;)
Mahal po kayo
Elder Nielsen 

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