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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, March 7, 2016

I have never Killed a man before..

Sorry! I forgot to tell transfers were this week so I would email today instead of yesterday! Wow this transfer has absolutely flown by! By far my fastest transfer yet. We had transfers yesterday and I am... staying in Camarin! :) This will make it 6 months here. But I don't mind, I will serve wherever the Lord wants me to serve. Elder Alejandro is still my companion so no changes here. And this is his very last transfer in the mission! So in missionary terms, I am going to "kill him"! I will have officially killed an Elder! 

We had another very successful week this week. Sister Rosita attended church again this week. She has now attended three times, with two consecutive Sundays.. She is she really progressing and her testimony is growing everyday. We decided Sister Rosita needed a few more fellow shippers at church, so yesterday we asked Sister Abrasado, a recent convert, to come with us and help us in Sister Rosita's lesson. It was a wonderful lesson and the spirit was very strong. We are excited for her upcoming baptism on the 2nd of April. One of our investigator families we are teaching really wanted to attend church, but they were a little nervous to go by themselves, so we arranged to go to their house on Sunday morning and go with them to church. Unfortunately, on Sunday morning something had come up, and the parents were unable to attend, but their teenage children still able to come to church with us. The parents promised they would go next week, we are praying they will be able to attend next week. We are continuing to search for those elect  children of God, who are prepared for our message. 

Some fun little stories, so I don't think I have told you but spider fighting is really big here in the Philippines. So in the Philippines only 20% of spiders are poisonous, compared to in America where 80% are poisonous. So most the spiders are usually always safe. People go into the mountains and jungle and bring back these big cool looking spider and sell them to the Little kids for like 5 to 10 pesos. The kids keep them in these little matchboxes with a bunch of little compartments. Then when they want to fight them, they take them out and put both of the spider on a little stick. Then the  spiders start attacking each other and trying to wrapped the other one with his webs. Eventually one of them will wrapped the other one up and kill it. It is really exciting to watch. And when adults spider fight, they usually put money on it, so it is a bit of a bigger event. 

And NOTE: Next week we have temple P-day, so I will email on Wednesday next week! 

I am excited for the upcoming transfer in this area. Elder Alejandro really wants to finish strong, and I am excited to work along side him on his last transfer. This is a lot of work that needs to be down in this part of the Lord's vineyard, and we are honored to work here. I am constantly trying to improve myself and become a better missionary and son of God. Thanks for all you do! Ingat! 

Mahal Kita 

Elder Nielsen 

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