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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cow Stomach

1. and 2. Pictures from church yesterday. 
3. This is the ole E. Nielsen trumpo 

First Things First. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPPA SCOTT! You are getting quite old! I was wondering if you were starting to slow down, old bones, aches and pains ect. But then I read your email about how you were playing basketball at mutual with all the young pups and was, and I quote, "schooling them". And you were completely drenched in sweat after. Then I thought, nope. He has not change a bit. His age keeps increasing, but in his head he is still 22. "You can't teach an old dog to quit." But hey take it easy over there! I don't want you to hurt yourself so I wouldn't be able to school you in basketball ( like I always do) when i get home ;) Happy Birthday! :D 

We had another very successful week this week. Our investigators are still progressing and doing very well. Sister Rosita attended church again last Sunday. She feels a lot more comfortable and has many friends now at church. Her baptismal interview is this Saturday. She was a little nervous about the interview and was not sure what she needed to do in order to prepare, but we explained the purpose of the interview, and told her that we would practice the interview and prepare her for her interview. She was very relieved after we explained this to her. We are very happy for her and this big and life changing step she is about to make. We have no worries or concerns for her, we feel that she is ready. Sister Joselyn, our other progressing investigator, also attended church last Sunday, and she brought one of her friends, that we have recently started teaching, with her. Sister Joselyn loves when we teach her and loves attending church. She has two wonderful fellowshippers that are present at all of our teaching appointments with her. They have invited her to Relief Society activities and have texted her just to check up on her. Joselyn's baptism is on the 9th of April. The last few weeks, we have been looking and trying to find an investigator family to teach. We have found a lot of new investigators, but we have not been able to find any families yet. Our goal for this transfer is to find two investigator families every week. We are still searching for those families that are prepared to hear our message. 

WE ate some cow stomach this week at a dinner appointment. It wasn't too bad. But let just say I wouldn't order it at restaurant. It was just really chewy and fatty. It didn't have a whole lot of flavor. I will tell you a little more about food next week.

Overall Another great week. The weeks move by so quickly! Every week I ask my companion, "Did anything interesting happen last week?" All the days just run together.  But it is a great time! I love his work. Everyday I learn something new about this never ending gospel. I love you all. have a great week! :) 


Elder Nielsen

Ps. Sorry mom, I ran out of time, I will answer your questions next week! :) 

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