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Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Get your Trumpo

We had another busy but also successful week this week. Everyday we had something we had to do or attend. Tuesday we had our district meeting, Wednesday we had to do transfers, so we had to make sure everyone knew how to get to their new area and ect., Thursday we had a Leadership Meeting. Friday we had weekly planning and had to do some baptismal interviews, and Saturday we had a ward FHE. It was a crazy week! It literally blew by! 

 Our investigators are really progressing and working toward their baptismal date. Sister Rosita visited her brother, who lives out of town, this weekend, so she was unable to attend church last Sunday. However, we had many really powerful lessons with her last week, all with her fellowshippers present in all the lessons. She continues to read the Book of Mormon everyday and is preparing for her baptism. We also had a really successful week teaching Sister Joseline, our other progressing investigator. Last week, we really focused on finding her more fellowshippers in ward. She attended our ward's Family Home Evening on Saturday and we introduced her to all the Relief Society sisters and they all took her under their wings and helped her feel comfortable. She attended church last Sunday and brought her teenage daughter and all her friends to church with her. She is really progressing and her testimony is getting stronger and firmer everyday. 

Our mission is focusing on increasing our number of convert baptisms that we have. Last year we had over 900 convert baptisms and this year we want to raise or even double that number. For the meeting on Thursday we had to come up with a goal for the number convert baptisms we wanted to have in our zone this transfer and the next. Last transfer we only had 4 baptisms in the Camarin Zone, we average around 7 a transfer. So we really wanted to increase that number. We looked at some number and statistics and we made a goal of 23 baptisms for this transfer. President thought that was a little high, but we told him we think we can really do it. And as of now we already have 8 baptisms in our zone. And we have lots more baptisms lined up. We think it should be a very exciting transfer. 

Yes mother, it is getting hot. Very hot. April to May is the hottest time of the year here. The highs this week are all in the 100s. Plus the humidity. But you can't the weather I've learned. You just have to keep going. I think my body has adapted to the heat quite a bit, but I still am constantly sweating. I think I have just adapted to being constantly sweating and hot. But it is great! You gotta love the heat! 
And yes mother, we just walk around all day. But we have a really good area, so we can get 6-10 lessons in a day. So thankfully we can do more teaching than walking. And yes I think my body has stayed the exact same. I walk a lot, but I eat a lot, so in the end it evens out. 

And to answer your question from last week. Yes I do know Victoria, her last name is Deguizman. She is a very nice little girl. She was in my graduating class.

We have taken up playing with trumpo's these past few weeks. They are a little top thingy and string that all the kids play with here. They are actually pretty tricky to get the hang of, but I have officially mastered the skill, now I am learning tricks. All Filipinos are surprised that this big American knows how to do it, I think I earn a little more respect from them ;) Sorry I don't have any pictures, just look it up on google or youtube.. haha

It is a great time to be a missionary. The weeks just fly by. I am trying to follow Dad's council and enjoy every single moment. It is going by way too fast.  It truly is a special time in my life. And I love it. Have a Great Week! 

ps. Mom, I memorized all the amendments in high school. You could do that next? ;) 


Elder Nielsen 

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