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Letters sent home from the Phillippines

Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen

Monday, March 28, 2016

Eco Park

This is Eco Park.

It was another successful week this week. Sister Rosita passed her baptismal interview and will be baptized this coming Saturday. She is a lot more comfortable with the church and all the members now. She attended a Relief Society activity last Saturday even though both of her main fellowshippers were unable to go with her. After the activity, she told us she had a good time and enjoyed the activity. We are very happy for her progression and are excited for her baptism this weekend. Our other progressing investigator, Sister Joselyn, was unable to attend church on Sunday. We are not sure why she was not able to attend church, she told us on Friday she would attend. We will visit her tomorrow and find out why she was not able to attend. Her baptism is scheduled for the 9th of April. We were also able to find two families this week. One of the families we found was a referral from one of our recently returned less actives. The family was really nice, and very willing to let us come in and teach them. Unfortunately the father was doing a lot of talking and preaching to us in our first visit, and we were not able to clearly teach the Restoration. However we are planning to visit them again this week and we will hopefully have a better lesson. We had a lot more success in teaching our other new investigator family, that we found through OYMing. We had two great and powerful lessons with them this week. When we returned after the first lesson they said they all read the Lesson 1 pamphlet and prayed about our message. They are very interested in our message and we have very high hopes for this family. 

I will answer Mom's questions this week. "Have you ever gotten sick from what you've eaten?  How was the temple?  How are your feet holding up? Did you ever get any of those native sandals?"

1. No I haven't gotten sick from anything I have eaten. I have been pretty lucky with that. I have only had one little cold my whole mission, and pink eye a few times in my first area. I learned not to touch my face or my eyes throughout the day.  I have eaten a lot of interesting things, and luckily Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen's old food storage food has strengthened my immune system enough to handle all the foods here. One thing they do here is they give you pork with all this pure pieces of fat on it or in the ulam ( main dish). And when you are at a member's house you just can't leave it or throw it away because that is like the best part for them, so you just have to eat these pure pieces of fat all the time. Not the healthiest thing. 

2. The temple was great. It is always so quiet and peaceful. And you just get to sit and relax and not worry about anything for a few hours. I love it. 

3.The feet are doing fine. They are officially trained to walk everyday and be sore. My shoes that Sister Conklin gave me are awesome. They are still holding up pretty well. They are getting worn out on the bottom but over all they are doing great. Thank her the next time you see her for me! And yes I have bought the little Filipino shoes, but I only wear them on Sundays or to meetings because they are still new and look good. They are the not the most comfortable shoes, but they are really cheap. 

And today our zone had a zone activity at Eco Park. It is like a big tourist National Park place. It was sooo pretty there. It was a lot of fun. 

Overall another great and eventful week in the mission field. I love all of you. Thanks for all the love and support. As dad would say, " Study hard. Learn a lot. Choose the Right. And Return with Honor." Have a great Week! :) 

ay ay akin ka   (Ilocanno) 

Elder Nielsen 

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